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621. 17 Nov 2018 05:21


<wicked twinkle> I'm fine with simply appropriating (expropriating, even!) the term "man", as in chairman, draftsman, man-made.

It's a bit of an open secret that when women weren't allowed to file for patents, men regularly did so for them, and then of course got the credit in "history books".


622. 8 Dec 2018 00:47


we should have a showcase on the F.r.i.e.n.d.s episodes

623. 3 Apr 2019 14:54


Politics (or better yet, politicians) — it wouldn't necessary have to be all derogatory; some might have favorite historic figures to idealize.

Easter (pagan aspects of Easter traditions could answer the charge of imposing a religion on our diverse population)

in line with Qsilv's suggestion #metoo (but would hard to do tastefully so maybe not)

or ANYTHING pulled out of a hat... speaking of which I was looking at a magnificent art book published in early 1960s, (a time that was a very high point in the history of graphic design and publishing) the other day (in a boc at a book sale) and for the life of me I could not figure out the common denominator of all the portraits and groups and street scenes and etc etc etc — so I kept studying it (much of it was in Italian) and I finally figured out it was a huge luxurious advertisement (it was a full-size or oversized art book that might cost $100 if published today) for a hat manufacturer I'd never heard of. (A classy italian hat company)... So... have we ever had a HAT showcase?

It doesn't sound very inspired or inspiring, but it might work very well in practice. Hats can probably be drawn easily & well in most of the TD palettes.

Better than NOTHING anyway! (PS - thanks for sticking around and allowing us to also)

624. 4 Apr 2019 23:10


Thank you, thank you.
I added the Easter Holidays showcase before reading your great suggestions. I will check if we've done HATS and if not it will be next.
Also Qsilv, thank you for possibly the kindest reminder email ever sent.

625. 21 Apr 2019 15:01


may I suggest something for the showcase?

- fantastic beasts (not just the movie!)
- under the sea
- Architectures
- outdoor activity
- Think Draw (not just any picture! about the site, the tools, and the TDrawing

Hoping to inspire you!

626. 24 Apr 2019 06:02


thank you for the new showcase!

627. 23 Jul 2019 13:16


How about Cats?
Or a character that we create related to a topic of your choosing? example "Witchcraft"
Or even a comic book?

628. 3 Nov 2019 13:51


Dear Thinkdraw..

I'm so sorry, but I've missed a load of showcases - cats sounds brilliant, but have we had a Harry Potter one yet ? .. or a Discworld one ?

I've been missing you

629. 11 Nov 2020 18:00


How's about we launch a showcase called "Valedictory" or some other such title if that one is too obscure or off-target... maybe "Happy Trails"... and just leave it up until the internet demons devour the site or whatever it is that's supposed to happen next month...

630. 17 Oct 2021 19:02


Dear ThinkDraw,
May we have the Halloween showcase again?

631. 28 Oct 2021 13:50



632. 13 Mar 2022 11:34


I think it would be appropriate to restore showcases, now that business is picking up just enough to send new pictures off into obscurity after a couple of days. "Recent popular pictures" in the gallery extends a picture's life another couple of days, but if participants are showing up just two or three times a month, they're seeing few pictures by other people.
A showcase could stay up for a month or two—or even three, make it seasonal—so as to minimize the upkeep burden. I often find that seeing the same picture several times reveals qualities I'd overlooked at first, so that's another benefit of having a showcase where pictures can linger for a while... Any thoughts, anyone?