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I think it would be appropriate to restore showcases, now that business is picking up just enough to send new pictures off into obscurity after a couple of days. "Recent popular pictures" in the gallery extends a picture's life another couple of days, but if participants are showing up just two or three times a month, they're seeing few pictures by other people.
A showcase could stay up for a month or two—or even three, make it seasonal—so as to minimize the upkeep burden. I often find that seeing the same picture several times reveals qualities I'd overlooked at first, so that's another benefit of having a showcase where pictures can linger for a while... Any thoughts, anyone?




Dear ThinkDraw,
May we have the Halloween showcase again?


How's about we launch a showcase called "Valedictory" or some other such title if that one is too obscure or off-target... maybe "Happy Trails"... and just leave it up until the internet demons devour the site or whatever it is that's supposed to happen next month...


Dear Thinkdraw..

I'm so sorry, but I've missed a load of showcases - cats sounds brilliant, but have we had a Harry Potter one yet ? .. or a Discworld one ?

I've been missing you