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21. 23 Jun 2009 15:08


sorry.. I realised my suggestion of 'word' was too wide - pretty much what TD is anyway..

haven't got time to do playbacks/animations, so something easy like album covers might be good

22. 23 Jun 2009 15:35


How about animals? Whether it is your beloved pet or any animal on Earth?

23. 30 Jun 2009 11:03


There have been several suggestions. So, here is mine;


24. 30 Jun 2009 15:09


Sorry, found it was already done!

25. 30 Jun 2009 19:04


lilalee, I know Space has been done as a Mugdots challenge but I don't think it's been done as a showcase. Great suggestion! I would enjoy seeing a Space Showcase.

26. 1 Jul 2009 14:35


Bump to bring this to the top since ideas should be here per Rachel's request...

s'lehcaR rep ereh dluohs saedi ecnis pot ot siht grinb ot pmuB


27. 1 Jul 2009 14:36



+eht +eb

28. 1 Jul 2009 19:21


Two showcase suggestions from other, um, - threads?

1. "I dreamed ..." (From idea of Qsilv to do something with dreams)

2. Sometime, somehow I'd LOVE to see a "kid artist only" showcase. Since school let out, the numbers of kid artists seems remarkable and if I were one of them, it would THRILL me to be able to enter a showcase just for kids. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to even give them one month of the year where they have a chance to get in the top five. And, no I don't have grandkids or kids or any family who draw or participate on TD, I just remember being a kid: adults are so much better at pretty much any skill in life than you are and how wonderful it would be to compete with peers and have the adults cheering you on.

Also - my most sincere apologies to TD, and others, for any inconvenience caused by my not posting TD showcase ideas in the right place. I humbly ask for your patience and understanding. I'm new to the forum and STILL don't quite understand how things work. As one who has never done ANY communication on-line like these forums, it is quite confusing. There seem to be other "threads?" for Showcase, but I read that some of those are "themes" - whatever those are ... so yes, one can and does get lost in where exactly to post things. Have mercy on those of us who are on-line challenged! Thanks! : )

29. 1 Jul 2009 22:02


(smiles) mercy extended --along with a few gold foil wrapped chocolates (y'just never know what you're going to get in those either!) in thanks for your completely charming take on things!

I think the idea of a kid's showcase is great, but unlike Neopets (a HIGHLY regulated site) TD isn't set up to be able to prove who's a kid around here.

What we COULD do is simply encourage kids to state which grade they're in as part of their picture title. That shouldn't be too intrusive of their privacy or safety.

(And if a few adults happen to masquerade as kids, pff... it's not the end of civilization as we know it... as with the Flame Wars, we'll just ignore those as best we can.)

And, also strictly on point of honor, it'd be goofy fun for us grown-ups to try handicapping ourselves by experimenting with "drawing"/manipulating the pieces with our non-dominant hand.


30. 2 Jul 2009 05:02


I've always thought a 'kids top 5' would be great - maybe just an indicator when you submit a pic, to say 'yes, I want to be entered in the kids' top 5' ? .. any (known) adult wouldn't do it, and if any unknown adult wanted to play in that class, that would be fine !

I was wondering whether 'China' might be any good, given that 'Italy' was brilliant, but 'Uruguay' wasn't really wanted ?

.. and Qsilv.. I've tried to warn you about those foil-wrapped 'sweeties'.. I find it hard enough to get the pieces in place using my GOOD hand, let alone my other one.. it would take WEEKS .. and turn out terrible.. and my hand would probably cramp and cause me to lose my grip on the pole, and I'd never work again !

31. 2 Jul 2009 06:19


wait... wait... (shakes bag upside down... peering upward into it) --there was a pole in there??

32. 2 Jul 2009 06:27


LOL, lass .. I've warned you.. never hold a bag over your face.. !

33. 2 Jul 2009 10:22


I'm all for the (I dreamed....) idea or plain dreams and all the dream type subjects we talked about in the other thread.

34. 4 Jul 2009 12:08



35. 7 Jul 2009 23:43


Thanks for all the suggestions!

For now the next few showcases (as requested by marg):

Mirror Images: 9 July - 22 July
Space: 23 July - 5 August
Myths: 6 August - 19 August

Other subjects proposed here will also be used, and of course more suggestions are always welcome...

36. 8 Jul 2009 09:36



37. 8 Jul 2009 09:38


Wow - thanks for advance notice! Like all these showcase themes!

38. 13 Jul 2009 08:07


How about "Famous / Infamous Ads" it could include print ads from all of print ad history, famous ad characters ( the Geico Gecko or The Cavemen, the Energizer bunny, Cap'n Crunch, etc, etc) ad posters, even flyers we get in the mail and such.

39. 13 Jul 2009 19:56


wow - very different, and I like it!

40. 13 Jul 2009 21:04


I don't know that I'd be participating, I can't think of a one I could do justice to but it would be cool to see them here.