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61. 15 Aug 2009 23:34


how's about 'the West' ?

.. of course, you could refine that to 'The Wild West', or leave it open to anything with westerly connotations..

62. 18 Aug 2009 14:00


Hmmm, we don't want to start another war by depicting battles between native americans and settlers, etc. That leaves us with boots, hats, horses, a plethora of famous outlaws, cattle drives, wagon trains ... hey, this is not a bad idea, marg!

63. 18 Aug 2009 18:51


hey login ru talking about cowboys? 'Cause I was just in Arizona. And what u said sounded almost exactly like Arizona...

64. 19 Aug 2009 12:19


Yes GOLDIE, I think that's what marg means ... I've already got some ideas for a showcase ... if it transpires..

65. 19 Aug 2009 21:22


Food, Animals, 3D, Black & White, Portraits, Historic, Prehistoric, religions, Magnification, Bugs, Fears, Safety... Bed Time...

... Good Night All ...

66. 19 Aug 2009 21:34


And I am still wanting to see ANIMATED ANYTHING...

67. 19 Aug 2009 23:59


How about "Vacations"... places you have been and places you want to visit.

I also liked the hometown idea.

68. 21 Aug 2009 01:18


aw, thanks! you actually picked my suggestion. I feel so special.

69. 11 Sep 2009 13:42


I think it's time for the showcase to be cleaned out again. There are loads of pictures that don't belong in the showcase-Candy animations. Many are not even in the candy theme.

70. 11 Sep 2009 14:13


I thinks so to.

71. 15 Sep 2009 05:26


Thanks again for the suggestions!

Sept 17 - Sept 30 is 'Dreams' thanks to Doug
Oct 1 - Oct 14 will be 'Beatles' thanks to LadyO

Should Oct 15th - Oct 31st be Halloween again? It was the very first Showcase before Animals and Avatars were available. Or is it best not to repeat even the seasonal subjects?

And of course, any new suggestions welcome...

72. 15 Sep 2009 06:01


All sounds great, and wonderful!! Personally, I like the seasonal subjects, as many do. Halloween sounds fun!! Thanks!!

73. 15 Sep 2009 06:56


please, please.. Halloween.. it was before my time, but some of the brilliant pictures (like arty's) were my first inspiration

74. 15 Sep 2009 09:13


YES to Halloween--those were fantastic last time, and will probably be even better this time!!!

75. 15 Sep 2009 10:02


Looking forward to those showcases and I'll throw my vote in for yes to a Halloween one. That was one of my favorite showcases yet and I'd love to see more.

76. 15 Sep 2009 10:05


Yes, please do Halloween!!! It was before my time. Its my favorite holiday!

77. 15 Sep 2009 10:05


Thanks for the "dreams" showcase!!

78. 15 Sep 2009 10:18


Halloween was before my time too and it's my favorite also!
Thanks Doug for suggesting the "Dreams" showcase, should be fun
and interesting! I'm REALLY excited about THE BEATLES!!

79. 15 Sep 2009 14:20



80. 15 Sep 2009 15:24


I think it's appropriate to repeat ANY of the seasonal subjects for the showcase. Artists on this site keep getting better and better. Wait til we compare last year's Halloween showcase to this year's! I bet we'll all be shocked at the artistic growth!