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1. 22 Jun 2009 13:11


Hi all,

Thanks for all your suggestions for showcase subjects.

As you have already pointed out 'country' and 'Uruguay' may be too specific. A 'Dreams' showcase would be great, but difficult to monitor. Anyone think it would be reasonable to only let pictures be submitted if 'dream' or 'dreams' was in the title?

Finally, could we also request that suggestions be posted to this thread (at least for a while) just to make it easier to find them

Thanks again!

2. 22 Jun 2009 13:48


Animated Dreams??? I still want to see what kind of animations people can come up with if they had a showcase to focus it on...

3. 22 Jun 2009 14:22


hmm... I see your point, but think you're sliding outta the frying pan into a fire. It's hard enough as it is to make up titles, and I wouldn't want to cramp anyone's inspiration.

Plus if there's a sudden rash of 'em with the word 'Dream', it's going to impact the search engine for years to come.

Personally, I wouldn't worry toooo much over monitoring content on this one.
(smiles) Well, whether you choose it or not, then, thanks for considering it!

4. 22 Jun 2009 15:36


How about a few Nightmares?

5. 22 Jun 2009 18:43


oh absolutely! *twinkly grin* you and Doug and I ought to be able to come up with a few of those!

6. 22 Jun 2009 18:46


Bring on the dreams!!!

7. 22 Jun 2009 19:26


The nightmare theme leads us back to matthew in a thong again.

8. 22 Jun 2009 20:18


pff... tooooo easy!

9. 22 Jun 2009 20:58


I would like 2 suggest "Mirror Images"...

10. 22 Jun 2009 21:17



11. 23 Jun 2009 01:42


More song titles?

12. 23 Jun 2009 03:03


oooh, mirror images ... how do you come up with these ideas? Sounds very intriguing!

13. 23 Jun 2009 03:07


some of my suggestions:

- In the air (anything above ground or "invisible")
- Buildings
- summer
- Jewelry
- fire
- Hobbies

14. 23 Jun 2009 05:44



I've thought about lots of the ideas that people have come up with, both now and in earlier threads, and it's awfully difficult to provide another really 'open' suggestion.

I think 'Song titles', 'Italy', etc., were brilliant, because they didn't limit anyone - you could include whatever you thought of in connection with the theme.

I was wondering whether you could do one called

- where the title had to be a single word and the drawing interpreted the word.. so you could have 'tree' and a picture of a tree, or 'home' and how you saw the home, or 'Uruguay' and how you saw Uruguay (or 'faith' and what you meant by it).

I appreciate that this might be a bit hard to manage, as well, so my other suggestion is

[or 'Alternative Lifestyle' ??]

15. 23 Jun 2009 06:26


How about light? sun, moon, candles, at the end of a tunnel, bulb, lamps, fireflies.....

16. 23 Jun 2009 07:06


How about "life"?

17. 23 Jun 2009 07:22


And, dreams.
Dreams (desires, wishes, intentions) are lin ife, in the sun, moon and candles, ...

There are dreams that come true: ones from sleep and ones awake.

No end to dreams:
Dreaming the bread in the oven will rise.
Dreaming TD will keep going and make lots more people happy.
Dreaming of eating those chocolates Qsil keeps talking about.
Dreaming I planted enough flowers to fill every vase.
Dreaming of Brenda coming home from the hospital.
Dreaming the grandkid will like kayaking - he did.
Dreamng ... hmmm, I'm carried away. Daydream got me.

TD - Dreaming I'll be happy with whatever theme you choose!!!

18. 23 Jun 2009 09:53


I like the Mirror images idea, that would be quite challenging.

I'd also like to suggest Album Covers, Summer Fun, and A Night at the Movies.

19. 23 Jun 2009 11:15


What about -- Outer Space
Living in the Future
or The '50's, 60's, or any era?

20. 23 Jun 2009 13:55


I suggest a total "playbacks only" theme.