Title: Your The Inspiration For My Life.
created on 16 Jan 23

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1. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 Your the Inspirations, you bring meaning too my life... La la la ...music fazes into my next thought
2. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 but I Am Not Going to TELLS it. hahahah. .....................What IF?
3. chelydra wrote:
 Dearest Unknown, maybe some fresh air and moderate exercise - bike rides and such - would not go amiss? Draw some trees from life? The metaphysical heebie-jeebies can be hard to coax out once they're entrenched... Trust your instincts
4. chelydra wrote:
 Find a soothing centering spot where mother nature's healing powers can be felt & breathe deep and take it easy... And PS your art's good to see. I especially like ":"

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