Title: Normal, Normal. Normal... Normal...
created on 05 Jan 23

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1. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 your name just would not stop repeating in my mind
2. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 even tho, it didnt start out that way. but i went and did dishes, that i didnt want to do.
3. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 came back ... and i .. well, No Joke, asked Him.. and Your name ... and i was not the one in control. BUT!trying to describe this... anyway Normal your name... is this you?
4. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 I wanted to keep going but i got afraid this one would be taken. the last face did... maybe becuz i thought it was someone else.. i am just thinking outloud.
5. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 but before I was done I think I saw Indigo at least in the construction/pattern? not sure how to articulate the word that is on the tip of my tongue
6. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 now I remeber, how i wondered how chelayndra fit in there. Possible style seeing for the firsdt time how he sees...especially when I was doing ther right I .I mean EYE.
7. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 tHIS DOESNT ALWAYS HAPPENoops.. sometimes i just sit here and i wonder... what am i seeing.. probably now that i realize it, i am the one incontrol. no Help.
8. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 but THIS ONE i had help ..I was more than half of the time i spent on it, (thru) When... I asked..God , if...look dont think i deserve His Help Becuase I Dontrelle..I mean DONT not DONTRELLE! didnt mean to type that.
9. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 Anyway, i am going to stop typing every word that pops into my thinking. becuz i feel like i shouldn't be a little more than a few days to be able to do this for you guys have a great day to day and I am going through the same thing as well
10. UNKOWN123 wrote:
 ignore numer 9
11. clorophilla wrote:
 How many people and feelings in the playback... hope all will fit anyway

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