Title: Cheers to you, Happy New Year
created on 01 Jan 12

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1. GMTJ wrote:
  Just magnificent piece of art... Happy New Year to U 2;)
2. Meander wrote:
 Wonderful pic. And happy new year to you!
3. Angela wrote:
 ;D There you go again - being spectucular! Blessings and best wishes for your coming year. And thank you for for sharing all your wonderful talent with us here.
4. clorophilla wrote:
5. Normal wrote:
 Gorgeous and golden! (Reason I open mine over the sink - not too glamorous...)
6. hjjr wrote:
7. mdawrcn wrote:
 Excellent! Happy New Year to you Suzze.
8. Arw65 wrote:
9. Lizzi wrote:
 Lol, Normal! Stop shaking it if you don't want it to explode! I am speechless, suzze. I can feel those bubbles stinging my nose. You just keep getting better. Happy New Year and Thank you for the great pictures!
10. linmar wrote:
 superb! happy 2012 to you suzze! and thank you for all your comments and smiles! :)
11. debray wrote:
 Well done, as usual!!
12. lesley_gene wrote:
 cheers and Happy New Year...Another amazing work of art!
13. polenta wrote:
 an explosion of bubbles!
14. polenta wrote:
 happy 2012
15. AFSOUTH wrote:
16. Burgandy wrote:
 My favorites is a collection of your masterpieces. I will always look forward to seeing what's next! I can hear and feel this one. Happy new Year Suzze:)
17. indigo wrote:
 Gazing in awe, smile from ear to ear... beautiful!! Happy New Year to you and yours! :]
18. minime2767 wrote:
 Magnificent! Happy Happy New Year!
19. priya41 wrote:
 this is S-U-P-E-R-B!! can't get over it!! thankyou for all your smiles Suzze! Cheers and a very Happy New Year to you!
20. hanging wrote:
 wow, I'm really tasting it! Happy New Year suzze!
21. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Simply WONDERFUL! Happy 2012
22. golehto wrote:
 wow .. :)Happy new year :)
23. solange62 wrote:
 Thks for sharing those (pic and champagne)! Happy New Year to u too!
24. gair wrote:
 Your art explodes off the page, WOW!!! Magnificent!
25. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Suzze, this is just beautiful! Brilliant! Dazzling! Phenominal! I would just love to see all your work together in a walk-inside Gallery! ...Let me know the date and I'll be there! :)
26. Login wrote:
 Happy New Year, suzze ... cheers.
27. Shanley wrote:
 excellent! Cheers an a happy New Year!
28. delfasa wrote:
 So realistic Great .Happy New Year.
29. Baldur wrote:
30. okeanos wrote:
31. Hazer wrote:
 Amazing talent! Happy New Year, suzze!
32. gimzer wrote:
 Cant believe i missed this one!
33. Login wrote:
 You've captured that split-second moment!
34. mum23 wrote:
 Missed this one... it's spectacular!
35. kittyfooo wrote:
36. Burgandy wrote:
 I look forward to your smiley comments. Hope you and your daughter are well, and that you had a Valentines day that was one to remember:) Can't wait for your next pic!
37. thinkergirl wrote:
 S~O~O~O~O~O~O A~M~A~Z~I~N~G!!!!!
38. Angela wrote:
 Why aren't you drawing? Miss your pics.
39. pinkpanther wrote:
 why cant i do this like you. well jell
40. chelydra wrote:
 holy cow - didnt see this before now - good show!
41. DilCoura wrote:
42. KliaMia wrote:
 What a talent you have! Wonderful work!! :)
43. platform2walk wrote:
 cheers indeed happy new years to you
44. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Congratulations on your well deserved place atop the Top Ten for 2012!
45. Lolla wrote:
 Congratulations on Top Ten 2012. Great picture!~!
46. indigo wrote:
 Congratulations on your TOP 10 for 2012 win with this spectacular pic! *J*
47. bluemoon wrote:
48. DilCoura wrote:
 Fiquei feliz, você mereceu Top 10 2012!
49. erif wrote:
 congrats on top 10... :)
50. five wrote:
51. hjjr wrote:
 Yaay... TOP 10. Congratulations!
52. Pumpkingirl wrote:
 Congratulations, I love your pictures.
53. lesley_gene wrote:
 Congrats suzze on top 10 for 2012! :)
 You have talent!
55. Billa wrote:
 oh my gawd!!!!!! you are just amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
56. Billa wrote:
57. Cherryis wrote:
 Sooooooo amazing! Wish I could see more of your works!