Title: Arm's wide open
created on 16 Dec 13

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Comments on this picture (30):
1. suzze wrote:
 Merry Christmas to All
2. golehto wrote:
 a very merry one to you :) this is a beautiful, well done , wish you a great health& joyful one :)
3. Burgandy wrote:
 I've been waiting and waiting - patiently may I add. You are amazing, and thank you for putting the reason and radiance of Christmas here for us to feel and enjoy. Merry Christmas Suzze!
4. Lolla wrote:
 Christmas blessings to you! Thanks for this beautiful picture!!!
5. bugoy1 wrote:
 Fantastic! Wonderful contrast of value and color.
6. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Merry Christmas suzze and this is a holiday gem!
7. priya41 wrote:
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year suzze! Was awaiting for your pic this is fantastic! !
8. Normal wrote:
 Beautifully done! For all we who labor and are heavy laden.
9. hjjr wrote:
 All the best to you for the holidays!
10. gimzer wrote:
 Thank you for sharing your gift.
11. clorophilla wrote:
 merry Christmas to you Suzze - this is a masterpiece!
12. Lizzi wrote:
 A masterpiece, as always. All the best to you and yours.
13. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is simply great!
14. mrozowski wrote:
 Merry Christmas, Suzze. Your pics are always worth waiting for.
15. mum23 wrote:
 Beautiful, as always! Merry Christmas to you!
16. Hazer wrote:
 Merry Christmas, Suzze! Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with us!
17. DilCoura wrote:
 Feliz Natal Suzze! trabalho maravilhoso!!!!!
18. DebbieBreau wrote:
19. okeanos wrote:
 Merry Christmas to you Suzze ande happy new year 2014.Lovely like your pic!!!
20. KJLavigne wrote:
 And you don't even have to clean up your act before you come to Jesus... Well done!
21. indigo wrote:
 Beautifully done! Merry Christmas Suzze! *J*
22. Angela wrote:
 Thank you! and Merry Christmas Suzze!
23. mekeys wrote:
 Merry Christmas suzze.. Ditto's all on all the comments..
24. lesley_gene wrote:
 Happy Christmas and a Blessed New Year Suzze! Thank you for your beautiful art...it is a gift! :)
25. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Ditto Lesley and Happy New Year suzze!
26. Lizzi wrote:
 Congratulations on your Top 5! Always a pleasure to see you!
27. DilCoura wrote:
 Parabens Top 5, ou Top 10!!!!!!!!!!!?
28. indigo wrote:
 Congratulations! *J*
29. Taloula123 wrote:
 Lovley picture
30. Bowden wrote:
 This is remarkable.