Title: Maybe Xmas doesn’t come from a store..
created on 03 Dec 10

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1. mdawrcn wrote:
 Excellent pic. I love it.
2. 56rosie wrote:
 Wow Suzze! A VERY recognizable Christmas Character face. WELL done! AND the Grinch is right, Christmas does NOT come from a store. Great Message!
3. indigo wrote:
 "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" AWESOME!!
4. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Amazing detail - fascinating feedback to see how you do this
5. Geetha wrote:
 Awesome details.
6. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Very good Grinch, now lets see Mr. Jim Carey.
7. Hazer wrote:
 Good Green Grinch!!!
8. midnightpoet wrote:
 Practically perfect!
9. skynyrd wrote:
 He's mean ,but marvelously done, great work.
10. Login wrote:
 I don't know the character but it's a face I can't ignore.
11. Normal wrote:
12. mrozowski wrote:
 Dr. Seuss would be proud! Splendid rendition in fruit.
13. Lizzi wrote:
 This is right ON!
14. mum23 wrote:
 Brilliant suzze!! and totally awesome in fruit!
15. Pumpkingirl wrote:
16. BubbaBlueEyes wrote:
 Cool impersonation lol ha kidding its really good takes a true master to do that
17. five wrote:
 well captured
18. Shanley wrote:
 ditto Login!
19. laudka wrote:
 good 1- looks like me over the holidays (when my computer broke and the inlaws showed up)
20. kit605 wrote:
 Hey this pic is amazing!! I tryed to do it before you (with avatars) but it didn't turn out that good!!
21. mdawrcn wrote:
 Congratulations on your Top 5 pics! Very nicely done.
22. gavinx wrote:
23. kimberly wrote:
 This is a amazing picture that you made you are a real artist and I love the movie alot and I know how he looks and he looks just like the Grinch in the movie I think!!!!!!!!!!
24. Krystenkuhn wrote:
25. thinkergirl wrote:
 This is so cool! ' Mr. GGRRIINNCCH' cindy lou who said on christmas eve!! good job!!
26. roman wrote:
 ha its the Grench:)
27. 12donuts wrote:
 I watched the movie once. It is great!
28. amyh wrote:
 Iwatched the movie 3 thimes and love it love oyur picture too.
29. lowri wrote:
 who is it meant to be u!?