Title: Reaper...Grim Reaper
created on 22 Oct 10

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Comments on this picture (42):
1. matthias wrote:
 fantastic...love the spine part, amazingly good, you are a true artist suzze
2. mdawrcn wrote:
3. mrozowski wrote:
 Especially love hte scythe.
4. actressjuju wrote:
 OMG u r like a wizard on the computer!!! How do you do that! U must have a lot of free time on your hands!
5. golehto wrote:
6. clorophilla wrote:
 spectacular! Impressive PB!
7. Qsilv wrote:
 "BEEN A MITE CARELESS, HAVE WE?" --Pratchett (which is high praise, suzze, honest!)
8. matthew wrote:
 Congrats on top 5...
9. matthew wrote:
 the depth is good... love the relective nature of the metal...
10. Lizzi wrote:
 Whoa! He looks scary, but I won't fall for it. It's just a bunch of noses and eyebrows and such. Suzze, you are amazing.
11. Login wrote:
 That is incredible ... spine chillingly good. The shiny blade looks razor sharp ... the whole picture is a masterpiece.
12. Burgandy wrote:
 This is sooooooo scary - all the detail and expressions are perfect! You cease to amaze me:)
13. bluemoon wrote:
 amazing detail & great work, as always.
14. hanging wrote:
 Woooow! Amazingly powerful and scary!
15. bhughes wrote:
 great detail. I'm in awe. Wow!
16. stevedover1965 wrote:
 OMG Suzze this is wonderful
17. debray wrote:
 OMG...This is going to win something! Amazing!!
18. indigo wrote:
 A M A Z I N G!! The blade is incredible and the skull too, lucky to be so gifted :)
19. mekeys wrote:
 I say the whole picture is amazing..
20. Dragon wrote:
 This is un-stinkin-believable! I am in awe!
21. Normal wrote:
 YOW! Fantastic in every sense of the word.
22. Geetha wrote:
 Wow very scary and what a detail work of art.
23. polenta wrote:
24. zum117 wrote:
 i cant believe
25. Vals wrote:
26. solange62 wrote:
 Ditto all the above...
27. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Very cool picture! With that finger on the handle he's saying, "This sythe is for you!"
28. arty wrote:
 What an amazing drawing. Congrats to you
29. skynyrd wrote:
 Nice pic.
30. inked_gemini wrote:
 Two words come to mind. Awe. Some.
31. mymymy wrote:
 you are amazing
32. mum23 wrote:
 I know it's been said before, but.... AMAZING! The details are just incredible!
33. hjjr wrote:
34. Pumpkingirl wrote:
 I am so amazed, wow.
35. karbs wrote:
 You are AMAZING suzze!
36. Login wrote:
 Five drawings in Top 5 ... well done and hearty congratulations.
37. persnikitty wrote:
38. Tracy123 wrote:
39. phlurb wrote:
 HOW DID U DO THAT??? R U AN ARTIST OR SOMETHING?? WHAT IS THAT MADE OUT OF? U R F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C-!!!!!!!!! sorry this is alot, suzze! AWESOME!! :)!
40. susanfiredragon wrote:
 WOW!!! That is BRILLIANT!!! LOVE IT!!!
41. hopie wrote:
42. puffmias73 wrote:
 I may not care fot the subject of this piece, but this is an amazing piece of work!!