Title: Why is There Not a Three Way Mirror?
created on 10 Jul 09

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1. solosater wrote:
 Little does she know her back side may be better than her front.
2. five wrote:
3. solosater wrote:
 Thanks five, your complements mean a lot; I appreciate them.
4. lilalee wrote:
 A Sassy dame!!
5. solosater wrote:
 I find it terribly amusing that while I was working on my lady in the backless dress everyone else was drawing bras... Are ya'all trying to tell me something?
6. lilalee wrote:
 No, I had a bug in my bra, told the story, and invited others to draw and tell their story, a few nights ago!! They are still drawing!!
7. lilalee wrote:
 It was fun!!
8. Login wrote:
 A stunning drawing. By the way, does she know she has a bug in her hair?!
9. CoyoteGirl wrote:
 Fabulous, I love it!
10. polenta wrote:
 magnificent body!!!
11. Margaret wrote:
 She is beautiful.
12. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful! Well done!!
13. katpedro wrote:
 So well done.
14. Watzup wrote:
 She knows she looks just fine!
15. sheftali52 wrote:
16. solosater wrote:
 Thanks everybody!!! Login, my girl has no bugs! Shame on you.
17. mebu27 wrote:
 She is very glamorous. Is she trying on the dress to purchase? Or is she going out for the evening? oh and I think I do see a bug in her hair, she better get to it before it crawls in her bra...lol
18. solosater wrote:
 # 1 NO BUGS! I think what ya'all are seeing is her strap showing through her hair so quit messin' with me #2 She's not wearing a bra, in fact this is one of those dresses that really doesn't leave room for anything under it. If there happens to be a bug a
19. solosater wrote:
 at some time it will be a catastrophe!
20. mostblessedone wrote:
 This is lovely, solosater. Just think - if there were a three-way mirror, you would have been able to show her over and over and over and over...
21. kyung wrote:
 Beautiful body with beautiful dress! Once I made a dress for my daughter like this.
22. solosater wrote:
 My mother made me one in basic black dull satin crape with the reverse (shinier) side to band the top and tiny little straps and a slight train. Very Marilyn Monroe. It was for a masquerade. I was Fabulous!
23. solosater wrote:
  I meant crape back satin.
24. solosater wrote:
 Back then I rather had Marilyn's figure, full blown but not yet worn out. Yep I was fabulous. Not so much these days , mostly 'cause I just don't care.
25. marius wrote:
 She is stunning. I LOVE the backless dress. (Also enjoyed the commentz. People have much fun on TD!) Sure that isn't a bug crawling on her strap? : )
26. inked_gemini wrote:
 I would totally buy this dress. So glamorous.
27. solosater wrote:
 Thanks to all for the lovely comments. marius, we do have fun and I think for the most part if we know we can't that day we just don't.
28. solosater wrote:
 Ok, fine there might be a bud. Man, how embarrassing.
29. lilalee wrote:
 But you like bugs!! Besides, he just wants to tag along!!
30. solosater wrote:
 I do like bugs, not fond of bud (hate beer;-), but not when they are on a person. Yuck!
31. Login wrote:
 Ooo! I know what you mean ... they are fascinating to watch but I can't bear them on my skin, and if one got into my hair I'd do somersaults to get rid of it.
32. Login wrote:
 The lady looks fabulous ... and if I could quietly and gently remove that bug from her hair, without freaking her out, I would. The mirror image is superb.

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