Title: A Close Up of Scarlett for Matthew
created on 05 Nov 09

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Comments on this picture (14):
1. solosater wrote:
 She ain't perfect but she'll do.
2. mekeys wrote:
 May I peek ???
3. solosater wrote:
 Have at it!
4. sheftali52 wrote:
5. pollyesther wrote:
 very nice!
6. katpedro wrote:
 Looks like a strong back.
7. Normal wrote:
 You seem far more inspired in the close-up department than most of us. Lovely.
8. niki wrote:
 i agree on all the others. i really like it.
9. Shanley wrote:
 Great shading, solo!
10. Margaret wrote:
 Beautiful work.
11. Arw65 wrote:
 it's been almost a month... where are you girl? i miss seeing your work :)
12. marius wrote:
 Yep ... folks are wondering where you are. Got any new things for dry sockets? Hope you have a lovely holiday!
13. lynnspotter wrote:
 Happy New Year Solo! You are missed!
14. jerseygirlnk wrote:
 Happy New Year and god bless you!!!!:)

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