Title: Portrait Of Me
created on 15 Mar 09

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1. matthew wrote:
 So you have been working on something... great likeness...
2. DMarla wrote:
 I actually had this looking better. I saved it in draft and when I reloaded it it went back to a previous time draft save. I didn't dare work on it to get it where I had it for fear of losing it. This is me without glasses.
3. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks Matthew. It was frustrating to have lost my last draft and have to redo the nose and most of the face shading. The nose was much better on the draft I lost.
4. DMarla wrote:
 The hair was shaped better too, a bit higher on the top and left side.
5. anotherronism wrote:
 Nice pic Dmarla... Any interest in collaborating on this week's MugDot's challenge? I have a great idea which I could never draw. I need a bird person :-) Interested?
6. anotherronism wrote:
 Do you know The Lord Of The Rings?
7. matthew wrote:
 I know the Lord of lords...
8. matthew wrote:
9. anotherronism wrote:
 I LOVE LotR. Love it! But it always bugged my why Gandalf didn't just have the eagles fly Frodo and Sam to Mt. Doom. They could've been home for lunch!
10. lilalee wrote:
 Wow! So nice!
11. anotherronism wrote:
 Oh. Stop! I guess I scanned your comment in lieu of actuallyreading words (bang).
12. matthew wrote:
 Ah yes... but hobits love stories... and what good is a tale without a wonderous adventure...
13. anotherronism wrote:
 So I'm commisioning a work for the new MugDots. The Grand Eagles flying to the volcano with two haggard hobbits hanging on and a ring glinting in the sun. The pice is called "There and Back Again - And Home by Lunch!"
14. matthew wrote:
 Yes... That would be... ummm... "precious"
15. anotherronism wrote:
 But I cannot draw birds! I can't even TRACE birds. Argh!
16. anotherronism wrote:
 gollum... ack.... gollum... ack-phooey!
17. anotherronism wrote:
 Funny how Dmalra isn't actually in on this conversation. She's gonna look at the gallery and see a hundred comments on her pic and go "Whaaaa???"
18. anotherronism wrote:
 DMarla - sorry we pre-empted your pic. It's Matthew's fault :-)
19. matthew wrote:
 I know what you mean... The only bird I can do is the one I flip that gets me smaked by my mother... I did do Tweety & Foghorn Leghorn... But cartoons are soooooo different than the real thing baby...
20. matthew wrote:
 I am getting concern that we may be ticketed & fined for excessive commenting without a license...
21. matthew wrote:
 21 coments & 3 votes... catching up to my Humpty pic...
22. matthew wrote:
23. matthew wrote:
 I am off to bed now... Thanks DMarla for drawing this "CONVERSATION" piece...
24. DMarla wrote:
 I haven't seen the challenge, I went looking for it and haven't found it yet. I don't know anything about the hobbits. I have to have a picture or many pictures to get ideas from if I decide I'm up for the challenge.
25. anotherronism wrote:
 DMarla: Lord of the Rings is, I believe, the best set of books ever written. But there's a logic-hole in them all where the whole adventure could've been by-passed with some giant eagles which were hanging around anyway.
26. anotherronism wrote:
 Go to Google. Click on Images. Type inHobbits (or Frodo or Samwise) and also type in Lord of the Rings Eagles.
27. anotherronism wrote:
 And the challenge is to mess with established stories and characters in literature or movies.
28. matthew wrote:
 you know ... hobit... (smoking is a nasty hobit)... OR ... (Hobit a kiss baby) ... WAIT ... I may have that wrong... Now wasn't I going to bed???
29. anotherronism wrote:
 I would SO do this pic myself except I cannot draw a bird to save my life! :-)
30. DMarla wrote:
 Matthew #23, lol you are welcome. It has been awhile since I had many comments under a picture I am enjoying it. Anotherronish, thanks for the details.
31. anotherronism wrote:
 "Hobit a kiss baby?" WTH?
32. matthew wrote:
 I think it might be "how about" a kiss... Not quite sure... Now I need my beauty rest or I will end up looking like Baldur...
33. anotherronism wrote:
 Oh! How 'Bout - as in "hobit a kiss baby?"
34. anotherronism wrote:
 Sleep ain't gonna help :-)
35. matthew wrote:
 Hobit a kiss is where baby hobit making begins???
36. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks guys and lilalee for your comments.
37. matthew wrote:
 O SNAP!!! Was there a picture here we were commenting on??? I thought we were IM'ing... My bad... You should tell people when you sneak pics in the middle of their convorsations...
38. matthew wrote:
39. LaDonna wrote:
 Wow this is very nice I can see why you haven’t posted much lately. Good luck with the hobbits and eagle challenge.
40. DMarla wrote:
 I hope to paint my first person on canvas this summer. My drawing on TD has gotten me to a place where I think I can do it.
41. DMarla wrote:
 LaDonna, I started this two or three days ago. I don't know if I will take on the challenge or not. I am not clear in what they are looking for starters.
42. DMarla wrote:
 LaDonna, thanks, I'm glad you like this.
43. LaDonna wrote:
 Good night
44. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks for visiting my website and signing in.
45. LaDonna wrote:
 I will look around more when I’m not so tired.
46. polenta wrote:
 You look terrific. Your smile is the best.
47. DMarla wrote:
 Polenta, I have had many commits on my smile from people, thanks.
48. shannon wrote:
 your very uly then!
49. DMarla wrote:
 Shannon, lol, actually I have had more people say I was pretty. I like other compliments more though like those about my smile or abilities.
50. DMarla wrote:
 anotherronism, after all you wrote you never said anything about my drawing, lol.
51. Arw65 wrote:
 DMarla, it's a great picture, Ron i have often wondered the same thing and good luck with the canvas :)
52. anotherronism wrote:
 Dmarla: Go back 45 messages to my first comment. First Senetence. Nice picture. I love it. Sorry it was so brief. Matthew and I were playing comment tag all over the place. It's a fantastic piece. And you look lovely!
53. DMarla wrote:
 Oh, I see it now, thanks. I thought that might be the case that I missed it. Thanks again for saying it is a fantastic piece, wish you could of seen the version I lost it was way better.
54. puzzler wrote:
 You have the look of a high court judge! lol!
55. DMarla wrote:
 The one I lost didn't look like a court judge's hair. That's why I am thinking of going back to painting on canvas because I don't have to worry about losing these drawing to a draft save.
56. mekeys wrote:
 I'm not going to ditto all of the above comments but i'm giving it a 5 only because thats all we can give it...
57. Qsilv wrote:
 ...(sitting here laughing in delight) DM, *how* do you attract these characters?? oh.. wait... I'm probably one of 'em...This has been one of the most fun reads in TD.
58. Qsilv wrote:
 And-- DM? I yearrrrrrn to see you draw an eagle (or two) carrying a pair of frantic/bedraggled Hobbits toward a huge mountain!
59. Qsilv wrote:
 AND-- DM! This is really a remarkably good portrait! great choice of size & tilt... delicacy in details like chin, eye corners, good shading... (yes, I've been to your webpages)
60. Qsilv wrote:
 Portraits are, even moreso than other depictions, an interpretation, not a photograph. TD palette or paint on canvas or graphite on paper... that looser interpretation than any camera can offer is their charm... and their joy.
61. Qsilv wrote:
 May I suggest keeping screen captures as you go along? Just hit Prt Sc button, then ctrl-v paste each one into a paint program. If you then upload those steps into a free site like Flickr, we can see them even if/when TD crashes. (smiles)
62. pollyesther wrote:
 this is amazing DMarla! so beautiful!
63. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks Polly... .
64. Qsilv wrote:
 ah well, I can dream (smiles)...but really, DM, I'm sorry if I made you feel pressured. Here's how to do apple screenies anyhow-- (remember to get rid of any space in the URL) http://www.apple.com/pro/tips/secret
65. DMarla wrote:
 Osily thanks for the info on how to save screen. It didn't tell the last step to use, Save as but I remembered that feature. I got a few pages saved so I know it works. I haven't tried saving any of my drawing to any place yet.
66. DMarla wrote:
 Osily I am able to save pages to a folder but I then can not upload to a my Photobucket.
67. DMarla wrote:
 I can save the draw page but the image is not saved in screen capture.
68. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks Qsilv. I have no idea how to keep screen captures since I'm on an Apple not a regular PC. I don't have a print screen button or a paint program. I never agreed to do a hobbit picture, I can't draw what I don't know about.
69. DMarla wrote:
 Mekeys, that's so nice to say, thanks.
70. DMarla wrote:
 Osily, I was angry with you if that's what you were thinking. It was just that I had a few comments about doing this challenge when I never said I'd do it. Thanks for the site I will visit it soon.
71. DMarla wrote:
 I went looking for some images. I found a picture of the two hobits, a picture of the ring and also saw along the way the ring on a neck chain and pictures of the eagle but no pictures to show the sizes comparing the hobbits with the eagle. I'm assuming
72. DMarla wrote:
 .... they ride on the eagle instead of the eagle carrying them in it's claws? Also I didn't find a good enough picture of the eagle. I don't plan on doing it but I did check out how hard it might be.
73. DMarla wrote:
 I went looking for some images. I found a picture of the two hobits, a picture of the ring and also saw along the way the ring on a neck chain and pictures of the eagle but no pictures to show the sizes comparing the hobbits with the eagle. I'm assuming

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