Title: Sewing Machine #2
created on 17 Feb 09

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1. zoeS wrote:
 thats really good!
2. DMarla wrote:
 This is what the finished bag looks like without the handle. It is curved at the bottom. The handle when laying flat folds in half somewhat but when it is on your shoulder it lays flat. On this sewing machine I am putting in one of the side seams.
3. me404 wrote:
 Wow!! How did you do that???
4. polenta wrote:
 really, really good!!!
5. sheftali52 wrote:
 what a great sewing machine!
6. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks. I made two of them, this one is ready to go.
7. Dragon wrote:
 I love this! This could be better than my actual sewing machine!
8. DMarla wrote:
 Dragon, lol. Thanks.
9. doodler wrote:
 great job!And witha project besides, Wow!
10. DMarla wrote:
11. pollyesther wrote:
 so nice DMarla! congratulations on top 5!
12. matthew wrote:
 Yeah!!! they found where the vote bandit hid this pic... Congratulations on Top 5...
13. DMarcella wrote:
 Thanks for the congrats. My other sewing machine that got voted down had 32 points so I don't know how they figured out who won. I'm glad one of them got in because they both made Top 5 at one point.
14. candr wrote:
15. DMarla wrote:
 Thanks Candr.
16. horses wrote:
 How do you do these? Great!
17. DMarcella wrote:
 Thanks horses.
18. josh02 wrote:
 iove thpicchor

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