Title: Where in the world is this?
created on 14 Jan 09

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1. marcella wrote:
 WOW! thats amazing!!!
2. qwer wrote:
3. matthew wrote:
 OMG... you catured the 4 stooges... or is it mt Rushmore?
4. matthew wrote:
 either way... Great pic puzzler...
5. puzzler wrote:
 Hurray someone recognised it! I've only seen it on a photo.
6. Login wrote:
 Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. It is a superb drawing.
7. puzzler wrote:
 P'raps we should have one of the thinkdraw artists Matthew.. you, Baldur...
8. matthew wrote:
 ok... I can do that... I know what baldur looks like, I can use my thong pic for me... just need two more stooges & I can run with it...
9. ah2mad_01 wrote:
 AMAZING <(@)>
10. farwall wrote:
 I'm blown away by this, great job with a difficult medium!
11. matthew wrote:
 Tim42 & Likemee have done "self portraits" I could use those...
12. puzzler wrote:
 Go for it Matthew!
13. autumn wrote:
 puzzler, this actually made me gasp, what a great job!!! I love the idea of the think draw mount! can't wait to see what comes of that!!
14. puzzler wrote:
 Thanks everyone. It took ages and I should be in bed!
15. lynnspotter wrote:
 Yes, you should! Sure am glad you lost half a nights sleep though!! This is excellent! I was able to see this in person a few years ago. A masterful addition to where in the world...
16. Baldur wrote:
 I would be quite curious to see what matthew thinks that I look like. Excellent job as always Puzzler
17. nancylee wrote:
 Completely amazing!
18. matthew wrote:
 I think you look like your myspace picture... Duh
19. anotherronism wrote:
 Man oh man! Nice, nice, nice! Zebra-skin for shadow. Brilliant! Love it!
20. Baldur wrote:
 very resourceful of you matthew, lol. You're an adult, I could send you the photo of the flying monkey tattoo
21. Qsilv wrote:
 bloody brilliant! (and yep, been there... it's fascinating to see these emerging out of the rock, up beyond the trees )
22. sheftali52 wrote:
 Wow! I'd been hoping someone would do Mt Rushmore, and here it is! This is even better than I thought possible--bravo!
23. elom wrote:
24. Ernie wrote:
 Wow, bravo!
25. cutegrl289 wrote:
 This is fantastic... one of the best on TD!
26. Teresa wrote:
 Excellent. I'm happy that you were willing to give up your sleep to make this because it is so impressive. The zebra coat for shadowing is a perfect choice.
27. Tumpa wrote:
 really sperb.!!!
28. Luna wrote:
29. kmkagle wrote:
 This is beautiful - Luna took the words away - AWESOME!
30. SaraGrant wrote:
31. LaDonna wrote:
32. ShyAnne40 wrote:
 I would add to the compliments but I am still speechless with awe!
33. doodler wrote:
 amazing what you do and now this and with animal parts! Great work, A 10 for sure
34. brandon wrote:
 How did you do that it looks amazing!
35. rwrightc98 wrote:
 Absolutely FABULOUS!!
36. midnightpoet wrote:
 holy moley! this is fantastic!
37. westhawk959 wrote:
 Brilliant work
38. happygolucky wrote:
 How did you get the faces to look so varied/different from one another? This is incredibly GREAT, best one on PARKS to date.
39. puzzler wrote:
 thanks happygo lucky. I studied a photo very carefully and used the undo button until it looked right!
40. Mila wrote:
 amazing soooo nice
41. aasd wrote:
 Awesome! I continue to be amazed by the talent and skill showcased on this site.
42. spritemaster wrote:
 omg! wow puzzler you have a lot of comments on this pic! its really good! i wish i could be that good but practice makes perfect right?
43. lilmiss wrote:
44. Login wrote:
 Puzzler, I tried to take up your idea of putting different faces into the rocks,(some that ThinkDrawers have done), but I just don't have your talent. I've abandoned the idea.
45. Scrappy wrote:
 Very nice work!!
46. alc124578 wrote:
 wow 45 comments what a woderful pic very good artitic work its wonderful :)
47. mel3811 wrote:
 I love the shadows.
48. chica2481 wrote:
 That is beautiful.
49. brandon wrote:
 This Is The Best Picture I Have Ever Seen
50. NINA wrote:
 You are goooooooooooooood
51. matthew wrote:
 This was a shoe in for the top 5, but I have seen plenty of shoe ins get screwed over by the one vote bandit before... Congrats ... Glad this made it...
52. puzzler wrote:
 Thanks Matthew - I was holding my breath!
53. Qsilv wrote:
 lol - oooh I know that feeling! Warmest congratulations!!!
54. Luna wrote:
 Congratulations! I hoped this one would stay up there!!
55. LaDonna wrote:
 Congratulations #2 of the top 5
56. faithfool wrote:
 I can certainly see why this has the highest ranking.... it's amazing!
57. kcsunshine8995 wrote:
 thanks for the compliment
58. caledoniagrant wrote:
 I love it!
59. cheerleadergirl wrote:
 this looks awsome how u do it
60. caledoniagrant wrote:
 I love it.
61. gwinnyb wrote:
 I don't think anyone but you could have done this one..fabulous1
62. maddyjean08 wrote:
 i happen to live in South Dakota.. u know, the place where that is! cool pic!
63. josh02 wrote:
 thatpicchor rocs
64. marg wrote:
 I've gotta agree with most of josh02's comments.. nothing's changed (except palmasbob left some comments today & grahame did a few weeks ago) - how's about paying us all a visit ?
65. Login wrote:
 Thanks for reviving this in the architecture challenge, puzzler. It's always good to see past stunners back in the limelite.
66. belladonnis wrote:
 WOW I missed this somehow!! This is incredible!!
67. puzzler wrote:
 I did this 3 months before you joined, so no wonder you missed it!
68. Login wrote:
 puzzler! You looked in a few days ago ... how are you? 'Often think about you and wonder if you're still painting.