Title: Who's a pretty girl then?
created on 16 Feb 10

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1. matthew wrote:
 Puzzler!!! Somebody broke into your account and drew this amazing pic... (I won't tell)...
2. Login wrote:
 Wow! Fantabulous drawing, puzzler.
3. five wrote:
4. pollyesther wrote:
5. solange62 wrote:
 Can't believe my eyes...!
6. matthew wrote:
 Maybe you will believe my eyes... Right now they are saying "Matthew, you are soooo sexy"... I have to say, it sounds like the truth to me...
7. Dreamy wrote:
 Wow, what an accomplishment this little macaw is!
8. belladonnis wrote:
 Polly want a cracker!!!!!!!! Amazing!!
9. mrozowski wrote:
 I'm speechless...
10. puzzler wrote:
 Thanks all, am off to bed, now I've ruffled a few feathers! lol!
11. Hazer wrote:
 He's gorgeous, puzzler!!
12. Normal wrote:
 I'll bet it's one of those smart little African greys! A beauty!
13. ferretkiss wrote:
14. mekeys wrote:
15. Qsilv wrote:
 yeeeegods that's good!
16. Nylecoj wrote:
17. GingerNinja wrote:
 you amaze me! :)
18. inked_gemini wrote:
19. arty wrote:
 just so perfect
20. clorophilla wrote:
21. spam wrote:
 I agree with Normal - my thought exactly and so so good.
22. Jazzlet wrote:
 You have really caught a typical parrot expression with that eye. Brilliant!
23. Shanley wrote:
 wow....that eye is just perfect!
24. nancylee wrote:
 The motion is incredible!
25. NADIA wrote:
 Fabulous picture!
26. marg wrote:
 oh, b....y hell, how did you come up with this one, puzzler ? it's awesome - you're awesome.. but you're NOT allowed to bring it to Central Park (even hidden in your handbag) ..
27. franca wrote:
 Just beautiful and perfect job!!!!
28. hjjr wrote:
 a FABULOUS bird-- love the title, too.
29. hxxhxx wrote:
 omg, this is soooooo good, the feathers are spot on!
30. Luna wrote:
31. gimzer wrote:
32. Login wrote:
 You know, every time I pass this bird, it moves.
33. Login wrote:
 It's also your second highest rated drawing and you haven't got all your Feb favourites yet.
34. puzzler wrote:
 Being precise, it's my first highest rated and my second most ratings, but it's got a way to go to be at my first. I'm prouder of this one though. Thank you to all for the great comments.
35. puzzler wrote:
 That should say beat, not be at.
36. indigo wrote:
 Amazing! Love it!
37. Angela wrote:
 Wonderful! I don't know what got more votes but I'd bet on this one.
38. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Excellent pic and I love the title, too!
39. SaberPhantom wrote:
 it"s a beauty....
40. marg wrote:
 now.. you see just around the ruff there, where a lot of pretty plumage has been torn out ? .. huh.. that's me - once was a pretty girl.. (well, my mum thought so !)
41. puzzler wrote:
 And now you're just an old bird?? lol!
42. Login wrote:
 Lol! Cut it out you two ... and please bring the parrot to Central Park, puzzler.
43. puzzler wrote:
 Login, I thought you were British? Should I bring it to Hyde Park? Maybe Speaker's Corner?
44. marg wrote:
 wot ? .. you were the one that got me an' Login psyched up for the Central Park thing.. but I guess your new job means you'll be sticking close to the British wetlands for the time being.
45. puzzler wrote:
 The only thing I know about Central Park, is that you can get mugged there, so I think I'm safer here. Have never been to America.
46. coolcat00890 wrote:
 Hi Thanks for the comment on "The Flower" Any way nice picture and as you say "Keep enjoying Think Draw".
47. danila wrote:
48. Tracy123 wrote:
 I dont have to say much, the picture says it all.. EXCELLENT..x
49. kyung wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5!!
50. hjjr wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5, pretty girl!
51. Sarahad524 wrote:
 its amazing!
52. matthew wrote:
 Congratulations Puzzler
53. Shanley wrote:
 Congrats Puzzler! there should be a top5 coolest/funniest pic too f. That parrot makes me want to talk back to him every time!!
54. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Congrats Puzzler. So glad this fine pic was given a well deserved spot in the showcase.
55. lilalee wrote:
 Love this!!
56. puzzler wrote:
 Thank you everyone!
57. Login wrote:
 How could it fail to reach Top 5? Hearty congratulations.
58. NADIA wrote:
 Congratulations puzzler,excellent bird!
59. qwer wrote:
 Amazing, this one just keeps catching my eye, wow.
60. jake11 wrote:
 WOW!!!!! IT LOOKS JUST LIKE MY BIRD!!!!!!!!!!! the only difference is that my bird has a little more color. :p
61. debray wrote:
 Simply stunning!!!!!
62. puppylove123 wrote:
 This is beautiful even my parents say!!
63. coolgirl wrote:
64. elf1225 wrote:
 u have wayyy too much time on ur hands
65. ArtisZen wrote:
 HOW did i miss this fabulous pic. She is true beauty -- Puzzler.
66. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 I'm new on TD and only just found this wonderful picture! You've given the parrot such character, charm and beauty! I am in awe!
67. Burgandy wrote:
 Love the playful demeanor of this little parrot!!
68. marg wrote:
 LOL.. I really, really WISH I could equal your smart, clever, funny comments - but I can't - you're not just pretty, you're brilliant :)
69. marg wrote:
 oh.. but then, you're only a young thing, aren't you ?
70. marg wrote:
 ..blackbird, huh ?!
71. mum23 wrote:
 Oh macawed... I can't believe I've never told you how much I love this picture (until now)