Title: Anyone recognise this?
created on 03 Feb 11

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1. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Not very good, but I did try!
2. Lizzi wrote:
 I don't know who it is but I do recognize the skill and talent it takes to draw a figure upside down. I have all I can do working rightside-up.
3. five wrote:
 it's from Madmen.
4. five wrote:
 very nice
5. bluemoon wrote:
 well done!
6. NADIA wrote:
 Amazing,so well done!
7. mekeys wrote:
 Very nice.
8. Login wrote:
 Excellent drawing and a new angle on faces.
9. stevedover1965 wrote:
 Very good Brunnhilde
10. indigo wrote:
 Not very good?! I think it's great! Ditto Lizzi!
11. KAJICA wrote:
12. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 This is great!
13. mdawrcn wrote:
14. pinkie wrote:
 Very good!
15. polenta wrote:
 excellent Brunnhilde!!!!
16. jaxx wrote:
 very well done Brunnhilde
17. Normal wrote:
 Robert Kennedy assasination? Well done in Faces.
18. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Interesting - five has it! I would have thought there would be lots of you in the US who would be fans of Mad Men - the best thing TV has ever done to my mind.
19. Normal wrote:
 Not a clue who those are! (Have a minimal TV habit.)
20. clorophilla wrote:
 excellent silouette!
21. KJLavigne wrote:
 Excellent work.
22. maloo wrote:
 It could be Charlie Chaplin or someone twirling around on their shoulders while dancing to some disco music. fun.
23. gremmy wrote:
 A different, very old TV show came to mind when I looked at it: Fugitive. The original from the 60s. Great work and to do it upside down. You are really great. I love all your work.
24. mrozowski wrote:
 ...and here I was thinking it was Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling!
25. Angela wrote:
 :D Me Too! Whoever... very well done.
26. kernowman wrote:
 congrats on top five..
27. mdawrcn wrote:
 Thank you Brunnhilde, and congrats to you. This pic is so cool!
28. artdillon wrote:
 ..and congrats to you too brunnhilde,may it be the first of many.
29. Normal wrote:
 Congratulations on your double-dip Top 5! You've made stunning progress.
30. hjjr wrote:
 Brunnhilde, congratulations on your Top 5 pics.. well done!
31. Lizzi wrote:
 Congratulations, Brunnhilde!! You are a wunderkind on TD, making such great strides in a short time. I look forward to seeing more from you.
32. hxxhxx wrote:
 INSTANTLY recognizable, from the intro to Madmen, the lead character (Don Draper) falling amid skyscrapers ... great pic!
33. Brunnhilde wrote:
 Oh my! Thanks again for such lovely comments.
34. phlurb wrote:
 no, i dont recognize that pictuer. Sorry! But good!
35. Preciosa wrote:
 idk but it reminds me of James Bond
36. pixieminx wrote:
 definitely 007
37. Shanley wrote:
 love this! excellent drawing!

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