Title: rose-breasted grosbeak
created on 14 Nov 10

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1. matthew wrote:
 GREAT use of negitive space...
2. Lizzi wrote:
 I like this composition, bird half-hidden by leaves, looks so natural. I like it.
3. hanging wrote:
 Amazing contrast of the colors.
4. mdawrcn wrote:
 Love it.
5. lilalee wrote:
 Just vibrant!!
6. sheftali52 wrote:
 well done!!
7. mrozowski wrote:
8. Dragon wrote:
 This is a beauty, I love the beak.
9. Qsilv wrote:
 ...marius!!! it's a treasure!
10. jennifk wrote:
 very lovely
11. bluemoon wrote:
12. clorophilla wrote:
 so natural, it's alive!
13. debray wrote:
 Stunning beauty!
14. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful! Nicely done!
15. Normal wrote:
 Great bird - wonderful rich black you found!
16. Hazer wrote:
 He's a beauty!...and thanks marius for your comment.
17. suzze wrote:
18. mum23 wrote:
 Brilliantly clever use of the background.. and breathtakingly beautiful too!
19. Geetha wrote:
 It is a splendid work of art, brilliant colour.
20. skynyrd wrote:
 Looks real , nice work!!
21. Login wrote:
 Vivid and yet mystical.
22. hxxhxx wrote:
23. Qsilv wrote:
 jigsawdoku sidebar 11/16 ;>
24. Shanley wrote:
 a good thing i checked the showcase again! beautiful pic!
25. five wrote:
26. marg wrote:
 woah... how I love this new 'click on profile pic' -this is stupendous, marius !
27. Burgandy wrote:
 Great bird - great gallery!
28. zum117 wrote:
 how i miss this pic congratulations on Top 5
29. Dragon wrote:
 Congrats on Top 5!! I was hoping this one would get in.
30. KJLavigne wrote:
31. coho wrote:
 Superb Marius, this is really stunning.
32. Chrissyjoy wrote:
 Just found this and wow...!
33. hjjr wrote:
 Congratulations on TOP 5... beautifully done!!
34. NADIA wrote:
 Thank you marius,I love to share with you guys!Wonderful,understanding people on this site.I love this little bird by the way,beautiful colours and posture.So glad it made the top 5!
35. tarkio wrote:
 Beautiful work! One of my new favorites.
36. madihenry wrote:
 BEAUTIFUL!!! good job!!!
37. pollyesther wrote:
 Where are you?=(
38. pollyesther wrote:
 I'm glad to hear that you're ok and just busy=)
39. AJ26 wrote:
 Oh... wow.
40. KJLavigne wrote:
41. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 This is stunning!! So beautiful, thank you. :)
42. tinkerer wrote:
 Hi Marius . . . thanks for all the nice comments! I hadn't come across your work before, either . . . you have some really GREAT stuff. LOVE this grosbeak!
43. kathlyn wrote:
 Love this picture. Well done. Also known as Kaylynn. 2021

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