Title: taj
created on 02 Dec 08

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1. marg wrote:
 Brilliant.. love the shadow !the Taj Mahal is like that, but different
2. nancylee wrote:
 Beautiful - the shading is amazing. And a good time to think kindly on India.
3. palmasbob wrote:
 WOW! This is Great...Good perspective..
4. kmkagle wrote:
 This is up there with the best.
5. matthew wrote:
 Dang! This is good mike... Getting real good in goth.
6. hxxhxx wrote:
 omg. you've found your thinkdraw style! this is PHENOMENAL!!
7. Nanna wrote:
 This is so beautiful. This is my favorite.
8. yahoo wrote:
9. Loni wrote:
 And I thought Gothic was the least inspirational
10. Tim42 wrote:
 Jaw drops. You have elevated Gothic to a new level. and yes be kind to India, that's where our jobs are going.
11. sheftali52 wrote:
 Wow--this is beautiful--wish I could rate it higher than a 5!
12. Login wrote:
13. Scrivener wrote:
 Beautiful; love the shadowing/contouring on not just the main dome, but all four minarets.
14. 1801 wrote:
15. cutegrl289 wrote:
 Amazing! Fantastic job!
16. tadleygirl wrote:
 i love this u have got to so show me how u have done it hannah montana
17. Raina wrote:
 Beautiful work!
18. likemee wrote:
 thanks guys, lovely comments
19. jixij wrote:
 extraordinary ... exquisite ... superlative ... WOWWWWWWWW
20. 1020 wrote:
 wow. . . . .just wow. . . .and wow. . i need lessons from you on how to lake good gothic art!!!
21. jmdx3mom wrote:
 Breathtakingly beautiful!
22. Moose wrote:
 Nice perspective.. this is great!
23. matthew wrote:
 I really thought that this might be the pic that always got all 5 votes Mike... Guess I shouldn't be surprised... I would love to see if the person that voted this down could pull this pic off...
24. likemee wrote:
 thanks matthew, much appreciated. my calculations make it that they gave me a 2
25. matthew wrote:
 I was figuring the same thing either a 1 or 2... got a 1 rate on my tiger much earlier than you... So I expect to see this back on the highest rated leader board before long.
26. puzzler wrote:
 I likee this.
27. lizmeister wrote:
 Truly spectacular and sooo deserving of 5 or higher. Let's ask Rachel to DROP those very obvious 'outlier' low scores.
28. patcat wrote:
 this is brilliant! How can you see the rating on just one picture? I only see our average rating.
29. likemee wrote:
 if you hover over the stars, you can see the exact average rating and then with a little bit of arithmetic you can calculate a single vote. (not that i take this all that seriously...lol)
30. EvAnEsCeNt wrote:
 superb. you even have shading. unreal.
31. persnikitty wrote:
 i'd give this a 10 if I could! spectacular pic!
32. midnightpoet wrote:
 wow! this is absolutely stunning!
33. rossy wrote:
 love this :)
34. Cdussi01 wrote:
 Absolutely, jaw droppingly beautiful!
35. Abby wrote:
 You know how to use the color very good man!
36. hollister_dudde_36 wrote:
37. archivarka wrote:
 wow, beautiful:)
38. raydog wrote:
39. kevinmd74 wrote:
 Good Job! Looks like a lot of work and thought went into it!
40. Chintana wrote:
41. nelemariin wrote:
 mulle meeldib see pilt.
42. pollypocke3 wrote:
 very original
43. caledoniagrant wrote:
 cool building
44. elom wrote:
45. elom wrote:
46. elom wrote:
47. ArtisZen wrote:
 Taj Mahal- you!!*****
48. justine39 wrote:
 your work is amazing
49. ross wrote:
50. rwrightc98 wrote:
 This rocks!
51. elom wrote:
 T T U U P P L L I I
52. nelemariin wrote:
 elomile ei meeldi sinu pilt. ära guula. kirjuta talle veel koledamalt .tee kohe iga pildi juurde .talle meeldib sinu piltide kohta koledasd krjutada
53. Tumpa wrote:
 Tajmohol is really beautiful.Both ur's & SHAHJAHAN's
54. caledoniagrant wrote:
 I love it .
55. caramia wrote:
 wow. the Taj Mahal is amazing. you did great at recreating it. wow.
56. brandon wrote:
57. katpedro wrote:
58. lyrielou wrote:
 No wonder your an artist!
59. himason15 wrote:
60. josh02 wrote:
 This just is the greatest thing i have ever seen!
61. WatermelonGirl wrote:
 It's like a picture! All of you pictures are PICTURE PERFECT!!!
62. Drew Spear wrote:
 how did you do that?
63. adsykenna101 wrote:
 this is amazing my art teacher done this
64. Shanley wrote:
 i bet this wasnt simple, yet it's simply amazing :). Congrats on so many good pieces of art likemee.
65. elliebrown63 wrote:
 congrats I bet another top5
66. ritachake wrote:
 how about doing Notre-Dame de Paris France. I'll bet you will do a fantastic job, you are so good at this.
67. manjot wrote: