Title: girl or musician?
created on 15 Feb 09

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Comments on this picture (37):
1. NINA wrote:
 I was wondering when you would do the silhouette that looks like a face too.
2. sheftali52 wrote:
 clever, very clever.
3. arty wrote:
 Too too clever. How cool is this ??????
4. NINA wrote:
  I tried likemee and the wedding singer is what I ended with.
5. mekeys wrote:
 I say there is more of one than the other(not the girl)
6. Luna wrote:
 Both. Well done!
7. baby wrote:
 I see both cool pic!!!!!!!!!!
8. matthew wrote:
 Nice Mike
9. spritemaster wrote:
 i saw the girl first, then when i saw the title i saw the musician. very very clever. all your pictures amaze me.
10. craftycarol wrote:
11. cutegrl289 wrote:
 you are awesome!
12. puzzler wrote:
 I'd like to name her Melody!
13. karbs wrote:
 It took me awhile to the the girl,Very Good
14. mostblessedone wrote:
15. gwinnyb wrote:
 I love these things. like the the old /young girl. very clever and well done
16. 1020 wrote:
 (once again)*gasp**faint*
17. Login wrote:
 Clever drawing. I like puzzlers name for the lady.
18. hxxhxx wrote:
 i immediately saw the musician ... still looking for the girl
19. hxxhxx wrote:
20. sootyunicorn wrote:
 fanTAStic I saw the girl first. I love it.
21. dani_conejo17 wrote:
 i saw the girl first- and that's what makes this really wonderful- i had to loko for a minute to see the musician...great job!
22. maddyjean08 wrote:
 i couldnt see the musician til i looked closer....bravo!
23. raydog wrote:
 A man tooting his horn or woman
24. himason15 wrote:
 wow u r amazing love youre pics
25. blusoccer21 wrote:
 That's really smart! what a great idea!! I could never do something like that!
26. pollyesther wrote:
 your work always stands out against the rest. this is a brilliant piece
27. jet369 wrote:
 I think I've seen this in a book of illusions. =)
28. Princess31197 wrote:
29. relena wrote:
 I love it ...it is really amazing....clever
30. mebu27 wrote:
 from far I saw a girl. Up close I see a musician. Great work.
31. kyung wrote:
32. kernowman wrote:
 Clever stuff wow!!!
33. ThinkThenDrawIt wrote:
 its a girls shadowed face and a sax player with a leaf floating around
34. Sarahad524 wrote:
35. Gemini8 wrote:
 wow! so good!
36. ritachake wrote:
37. ritachake wrote:
 the floating leaf is the girl's eye