Title: Perfect Spot
created on 04 Sep 10

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1. Normal wrote:
 It does look perfect. But is it in the path of the tornado?
2. Lizzi wrote:
 I was thinking the same thing, but, I see a rainbow!
3. zum117 wrote:
 very good
4. J1998 wrote:
 think it's a house by a little fall
5. katy8 wrote:
 Ø§Ø­Ù„Ù‰ رسم انا بحبك
6. katy8 wrote:
 ÙƒÙ„امك جميل اوى عمتو بتقول انك انفاصلت من سك درو
7. katy8 wrote:
 Ù…بروك على التب5
8. katy8 wrote:
 Ø§Ù†Øª بجد فنان
9. kit605 wrote:
 Are YOU in egept too??

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