Title: Sax Player/Woman?
created on 12 Feb 10

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Comments on this picture (33):
1. polenta wrote:
 gorgeous Nadia
2. lsuperior wrote:
 Hey that's me! Both sax player and woman!!
3. Hazer wrote:
 Great pic NADIA!!
4. gocards wrote:
 I saw the woman right away, had to look for the sax player. Very Clever!!
5. Judy wrote:
 Great picture and use of black and white.
6. Sarahad524 wrote:
7. nancylee wrote:
 I thought the woman was haunting a beautiful when I first opened ThinkDraw today, and rated it a 5 then. I didn't even see the sax player until I read the name much later! Wow and double wow!
8. lilalee wrote:
 Very, very cool!!
9. hjjr wrote:
 cool and clever, NADIA!
10. mekeys wrote:
 VERY clever..I didn't see the sax player at first,but I got it..
11. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
 Great job Nadia
12. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is craftily clever--bravo!!
13. kyung wrote:
 Wow! Double drawing-I wonder how difficult it is!
14. shosho wrote:
 you are brilliant !
15. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Well done
16. puzzler wrote:
 Excellent optical illusion!
17. methinks wrote:
 I'm impressed!
18. indigo wrote:
19. Login wrote:
 Clever and interesting.
20. danila wrote:
21. hjjr wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5!
22. Shanley wrote:
 Congrats Nadia, hope too see you more often on TD...
23. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5, NADIA.
24. arty wrote:
 Nadia I am thrilled that you are in top5 Cograts One up for Africa. By the way, sorry
25. arty wrote:
 I missed this one.
26. schnuggie wrote:
 Dit is flippen stunning! Hoekom teken jy nie goed om te verkoop nie? Jy kan jou eie besigheid maak.
27. NADIA wrote:
 Thank you everybody for the nice comments.Don't worry about missing it arty,I haven't seen anybody's pic's for a while now,quite busy lately.
28. Jazzlet wrote:
 Congratulations on getting in Top 5 Nadia!
29. pollyesther wrote:
 Congrats on top 5!
30. lollypop wrote:
 or is it a weird hand?
31. ashberry09 wrote:
 totally liiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkkk why would u post this
32. ashberry09 wrote:
 but sooooo cool
33. lilalee wrote: