Title: well, good morning, world..
created on 03 Jan 10

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1. karbs wrote:
 Good Morning marge, This is Excellent as usual, love the face on the tree!
2. marg wrote:
 thanks, karbs.. it's supposed to be the new year beginning (from a tree's point of view !)
3. Login wrote:
 As it's such a good tree (let's face it) I'll let you off this once!
4. marg wrote:
 Login.. you're a darling.. and my hero, of course !
5. Shanley wrote:
 erm...let you off with what? i see two shades of green and some yellow...that equals, two colors, doesn't it? nice pic, by the way :)
6. marg wrote:
 Shanley.. you know I've always liked you - now I know why ! :)
7. kyung wrote:
 Happy new year and good morning, marg! I love the smiling face on the trunk!!
8. marg wrote:
 hey, kyung.. happy new year - and thanks - I'm smiling like the tree, right now !
9. marg wrote:
 .. erm.. not quite as green, though..
10. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Oh, Happy New Year! Love the smiling tree.
11. lsuperior wrote:
 Subtle and beautiful..
12. matthew wrote:
 This IS 2 tone... Ptpttttpttt... So there :)
13. mekeys wrote:
14. clorophilla wrote:
 very well done! It seems to me an Ent (see "the lord of the rings"...)
15. gocards wrote:
 Good morning Tree!!
16. marg wrote:
 hey, clorphilla - how are you doing ? hope you're feeling MUCH better .. and maybe there's a hint of Ent (just starting to remember Ent maidens) !
17. Shanley wrote:
 lol marg
18. lalitha wrote:
 very nice pic
19. Qsilv wrote:
 (sneaking in... stopping... stunned! sneaking back out... but you've got another 5 vote and there's a grin on my face... thanks!)
20. buckeye2 wrote:
 ooh!! how great is this :) i like, i like!!
21. lilalee wrote:
 Makes me happy, and looks like a little elf!! Very sweet!!
22. five wrote:
 very well done
23. gimzer wrote:
24. katpedro wrote:
25. indigo wrote:
 Very beautiful pic! I'm a tree hugger...LOL!
26. puzzler wrote:
 Treemendous marg! Look what I found when I was searching for two tone inspiration. It has overtones of yours. http://owlminerva.files.wordpress.co
27. marg wrote:
 Thanks, everyone, for your lovely comments !
28. marg wrote:
 puzzler - I couldn't get to this site (even removing spaces) - but I promise you this pic came straight out of my head, with no reference to anything !
29. puzzler wrote:
 I believe you marg, I didn't mean that your pic was anything other than your own. You'll see what I mean, when you find the pic.
30. puzzler wrote:
 Try this: on google search, type: black and white. Click on images. It will be in the 2nd row down & 3rd one in. It's an optical illusion.
31. marg wrote:
 Got it ! - and I see exactly what you mean - and I'm definitely NOT trying that one !
32. puzzler wrote:
 Me neither!
33. sheftali52 wrote:
 oh this is so lovely and so clever!!
34. hjjr wrote:
 Good morning, marg. Good morning, treeface. Great pic, marg.
35. shosho wrote:
 great pic.the giant wise tree looking to the world1!
36. Normal wrote:
 Why Marg! That's the Green Man, looking just slightly askance at what we humans may do to the coming year. Love it!
37. clorophilla wrote:
 thank marg, I'm a few better, I'll be free from the plast casts on jan 22! ...and I'm a tree hugger to!
38. Luna wrote:
 Love it! My laptop croaked, so I've gotten behind looking. Reminds me of my "Wise Old Oak" painting.
39. Login wrote:
 That's what it reminded me of. Luna ... both very different.
40. marg wrote:
 of course - thanks for reminding me - any excuse to visit Luna's gallery !
41. debray wrote:
 great face hidden in the tree!!

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