Title: All dressed for winter
created on 16 Dec 09

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Comments on this picture (38):
1. franca wrote:
 Wonderful Shanley, great work!!!
2. maia wrote:
 COOL! Nice. Good job
3. Shanley wrote:
 thank you both :)
4. danila wrote:
 wow.she has something..GD effect..
5. indigo wrote:
 What a face! Love the eyes!
6. Hazer wrote:
 She was a lot of work Shanley! Nicely done!
7. Shanley wrote:
 she was, Hazer. the pb is undo-moves-free
8. five wrote:
9. polenta wrote:
 She's mysterious
10. midnightpoet wrote:
 this is absolutely fantastic!
11. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Very Different.
12. Normal wrote:
 Wow! Hard to believe SHE was lurking in Gothic!
13. puzzler wrote:
14. solange62 wrote:
 Great pic!
15. marius wrote:
16. sheftali52 wrote:
 Wow is right! This is a real gem!
17. aguy wrote:
 the face looks so real it is creepy
18. Shanley wrote:
 thank you all for your kind comments. makes me glad I didn't give up on it.
19. Doug wrote:
 Scary good!!
20. pollyesther wrote:
 sooo cooool!
21. NADIA wrote:
 She is absolutely beautiful,what an artist you are!Great work Shanley:)
22. GOLDIEGIRL8 wrote:
 I can't believe I missed it!
23. marg wrote:
 missed this one - it's superb, Shanley - and congratulations on Top 5 !
24. hjjr wrote:
 in goth! Congratulations, Shanley, well-deserved Top 5!
25. kyung wrote:
 I also missed this one. Congratulations, Shanley!!
26. Login wrote:
 Cogratulations on Top 5.
27. matthew wrote:
 Very well deserved top 5...
28. pollyesther wrote:
  Gratz on top 5! this is so exellent!
29. cutechloebabe99 wrote:
 OMG!!! all ya photies GREAT!
30. Animallvr101 wrote:
 Wow, That's awesome! I wish I could draw that well!
31. s59721 wrote:
 how did you do it?
32. mimilove68 wrote:
 i love it
33. Babyangel2000 wrote:
 wow so gorgeous!
34. hoodwinked101 wrote:
  I LOVE YOU!!!!
35. Alissa wrote:
 this is wonderful
36. porkyporks wrote:
 didnt notice the earring until i watched the play back a few times...
37. Leda wrote:
 WOWWW!! OMGGGGG!!!!! how you did that?? It isn't possibleeeeee!!!!
38. AFSOUTH wrote:
 This is a real beauty and thank you again!