Title: oranges and lemons..
created on 05 Dec 09

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1. marg wrote:
 .. it's actually supposed to be 'when I get rich, say the bells of Shoreditch'.. but I wasn't sure that would fit into the title !
2. mekeys wrote:
 Marg this is FANTASTIC..I'm speachless..
3. matthew wrote:
 Excellent Marg, Excellent...
4. solange62 wrote:
 Fantastic !
5. katpedro wrote:
 Marg! Marg! You are great. How do u do this?
6. gocards wrote:
 This is wonderful!!
7. Heidi2323 wrote:
 Another wonderful picture.
8. Login wrote:
 Oh! I love it when you do these super-duper drawings. FANTASTIC!
9. pollyesther wrote:
 WOWW! Marg, this is outstanding!
10. hjjr wrote:
 Wow, OMG, and Wow, marg!!
11. belladonnis wrote:
 This is truly amazing!
12. mebu27 wrote:
 Excellent drawing
13. marg wrote:
 thank you all very, very much for your lovely comments !
14. Sakari wrote:
 Great picture.
15. kyung wrote:
 Wonderful! Love the orange and lemon sky!!
16. Arw65 wrote:
 oh my this is wonderful, from the title i was expecting it to be in fruit, but this is wonderful in candy!!!
17. Baldur wrote:
 outstanding, and I was expecting this to be fruit also
18. mrozowski wrote:
 Great detail in the church and I love the sky.
19. arty wrote:
 Say's the bells of St Clement's. Wonderful marg, I bow to your wonderful art
20. sheftali52 wrote:
 Fabulous would be an understatement--WOW! Oh, and I became the pooka rabbit within the last couple of weeks--just decided it was time for a change!
21. danila wrote:
22. Normal wrote:
 When will that be? say the bells of Stepney. I do not know! says the great bell of Bow. Excellent church!
23. Robindcr8l wrote:
 This is breathtaking!
24. puzzler wrote:
 You owe me five farthings, Say the bells of St. Martin's... is this a good time to get my money back? Actually, your pic's worth every penny!
25. Login wrote:
 A brief explanation of the rhyme http://lndn.blogspot.com/2001_01_01_
26. Sadie2211 wrote:
 Beautiful ! Lines as straight as a ruler !
27. karbs wrote:
 So Beautiful Marg!
28. Chinky wrote:
29. polenta wrote:
 You won't believe it buy my candy favorites are full... but this is SUPERIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30. Luna wrote:
31. Nylecoj wrote:
32. lalitha wrote:
 nice is really nice ,i wonder how much time u have spent to draw this and iam sure i can never draw like this in my life time
33. coho wrote:
 Superb! love the detai,l thats a great building.
34. ArtisZen wrote:
35. shosho wrote:
 it is great !!
36. DIAMANTE wrote:
 Wow this is wonderful.
37. Hazer wrote:
 This is absolutely fabulous marg! Loved the PB...and shame on whoever gave this a low vote!!
38. buckeye wrote:
 There is only one person that loves to do a low score...but we all know it deserves the highest...that is what counts...you are right, shame on her for doing it to someone...again.
39. inked_gemini wrote:
 Perfection marg! This is absolute perfection.
40. indigo wrote:
41. Qsilv wrote:
 how the ** could I not have commented already! I've spent ages staring at this thing... the mass and line, the shadows and glow... LOVE it.
42. Shanley wrote:
43. Doug wrote:
 I missed this beauty while on vacation. OMG!!! Its unbelievable. The color and the architecture is amazing!
 That is downright, the best picture of a building I have ever seen!
45. giraffe wrote:
 It's beautiful because the tower is slightly out of balance and perspective. M.C. would have a field day. Wunderbar.
46. Login wrote:
 This was always going to be a winner. Congratulations, marg ... I look forward to more of your brilliant drawings.
47. five wrote:
 congrats on top 5 -- I seem to have missed this one; it's lovely.
48. Shanley wrote:
 Congrats on Top5 to you too, Marg. This left me speechless!
49. hjjr wrote:
 congratulations, marg!!!
50. matthew wrote:
 This was one of my favorites for last month... So glad it made the top 5... Congratulations on both your pics...
51. lilalee wrote:
 Congrats to you!!
52. Login wrote:
 I couldn't do this on paper ... how you can achieve such fine detail on TD is beyond me.
53. Nikkie wrote:
 Sooooo kool:>
54. pollyesther wrote:
  Gratz on top 5! this has got to be one of the most amazing pics ive seen.
55. OESkids wrote:
 nice work
56. hxxhxx wrote:
 pb is fascinating. just glorious!
57. JERMY25 wrote:
 fantastic work
58. hyazdi wrote:
 marg you pictures are AWSOME!!!!
59. debray wrote:
 Brilliant...Pure and simple!
60. lollypop wrote:
 marg u r an artist!
61. Login wrote:
 marg, this got within one inch of being on the BBC promotion. It still leaps out at me every time I search for treasure.
62. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
63. LivelyUp wrote:
64. Jane9 wrote:
65. DilCoura wrote:
 Não encontrei palavras para classificar esse trabalho.So consigo dizer..ooooooooh!!!!!!!
66. pvuanhduc wrote:
 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ĐẸP QUÁ !!!! ^^ àh lá»™n ! beautiful !! loveeeeeeeeee ittttt !!
67. fr3kl3 wrote:
 you are like Monet with your landscapes!
68. mum23 wrote:
 Another beauty! So many gems in your gallery...

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