Title: Mustangs
created on 12 Oct 09

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1. arty wrote:
 Beautiful horses. But why are you not asleep?
2. Login wrote:
 Because once I've started a drawing, I can't stop. I'm off to bed now. Goodnight arty.
3. arty wrote:
4. sheftali52 wrote:
 such beautiful creatures here!
5. DMarcella wrote:
6. Vals wrote:
 Gorgeous horses!
7. marius wrote:
 ooh! They are breath-taking. Great pic!
8. Peasy wrote:
 Fantastic horses, Login. Absolutely beautiful! :)
9. Hazer wrote:
 Love this pic!
10. mekeys wrote:
 really REALLY GREAT picture.
11. inked_gemini wrote:
 So lovely Login. And painstaking using all of those little black squiggly lines.
12. coho wrote:
 Mustangs are the best intelligent and enduring! Great picture!
13. elpaul wrote:
 Your talent amazes me - every picture!
14. NADIA wrote:
15. Login wrote:
 I blundered ... so tired, I left a bit of the black horse unfinished. When will I learn to wait until the morning to submit drawings.
16. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful and very good work! It's like an oil painting!
17. buzz wrote:
 speaks of strength, grace, beauty, victory!!
18. polenta wrote:
 very difficult and good achievement!!!.... and in avatars!!!
19. hxxhxx wrote:
 wow. when I was a kid, I thought horses were godlike, and your pictures recalls those feelings.
20. marg wrote:
 whoa.. when did you sneak this one in ? it's awesome, Login.. I can only ditto every one else's comments (especially indigo's ?) - and say that I love it
21. DIAMANTE wrote:
 Very, very well done. Nice.
22. mebu27 wrote:
 this is excellent!
23. Trixie wrote:
24. pollyesther wrote:
25. mace wrote:
 I love it, Login.
26. Qsilv wrote:
27. pollyesther wrote:
 Brilliant! Gratz
28. Hazer wrote:
 Top 5 without question! Congrats again login!
29. matthew wrote:
 You are just all over the top 5 this month... Glad to see it... These pics are wonderful...
30. gwinnyb wrote:
 this is super great! congrats on a well deserved top 5
31. yufie wrote:
 can feel the wind, the freedom, the happiness and the beauty here <3
32. solange62 wrote:
 Congrats... All ur pics are wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us...
33. lilalee wrote:
34. Login wrote:
 Thanks to all for your comments and votes.
35. saba wrote:
 you are doing great jobs! I am so busy studying and just came to check top 5...and what a pleasant surprise it was!
36. Login wrote:
 Thank you, saba. I wish you good luck with your studies. 'Looking forward to seeing when you have time to come back here.
37. pink wrote:
 cool xxxx
38. number1 wrote:
 the best but are you a froad?
39. Login wrote:
 number1, what is a froad? If you meant fraud, the answer is a definate no. Is that what you meant?