Title: Annimation attempt 1
created on 04 Sep 09

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1. pollyesther wrote:
 lol! that was great!
2. marti wrote:
 really nice!
3. Dragon wrote:
 Love it! You even had him chewing. Great animation.
4. Chinky wrote:
 Great animation lol.
5. pollyesther wrote:
 love how slow you made the hand.that must have taken awhile...
6. pollyesther wrote:
 oh and it's so cool how the eyes narrow for concentration.
7. Peasy wrote:
 This is great fun. You can only guess how they'll look! Jshundo has the Pong down, tho. :)
8. katpedro wrote:
 U R Great.
9. Robindcr8l wrote:
10. Normal wrote:
 Fun! Great idea.
11. lynnspotter wrote:
 Most excellent!!!!
12. Nikkie wrote:
 tooooo funnie:>
13. mekeys wrote:
 Great animation..
14. jshundo wrote:
15. solosater wrote:
 Really cute! Love the bubble and that handwriting is so nice at the end.
16. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is a masterful animation!! Fun and quirky, too!
17. Doug wrote:
 Awesome! You got a TOP5 pik/animation there!!!
18. karbs wrote:
 SOOOOOOOO CUTE, Love how he chews!
19. gwinnyb wrote:
 nice animation, the best in the house at this time I think. tough medium but you rose to the occasion
20. marg wrote:
 LOL.. not the first time this has been done on TD, but the animation was brilliant ! Well done, Peasy.. and BTW it's just marg (still no blue hair, though I'll keep trying) !
21. picasso2 wrote:
 You rock! Your Gallery is so awesome!!!!!!
22. mebu27 wrote:
 This is great - fun to watch
23. kyung wrote:
 Wonderful animation!!!
24. matthew wrote:
 lol... I missed this... Very well done...
25. Peasy wrote:
 This one is good, but I personally like my 3rd attempt better. Not too many comments on that one though.
26. kleinmond wrote:
27. kleinmond wrote:
 I playd it to my frend she loved it !!!!!!!
28. Kugusch wrote:
 this is really well done! Nice job!
29. dmil904 wrote:
 Love the moving mouth and cheeks.
30. 12donuts wrote:
 Looks like he was chewing gum! HAHA!
31. kleinmond wrote:
 he was
32. Gemini8 wrote:
 Ditto dmil904! Great animation!
33. lowri wrote:
 this sould be first the one that is first is stupid it aint even an animation
34. lipstick8610 wrote:
 hahaha lol!!!
35. sparkle777 wrote:
 you must of put time into that i think its ultra rare and cool
36. riley8 wrote:

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