Title: Bluff Creek Ca. PLAYBACK
created on 08 Aug 09

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Comments on this picture (15):
1. Trixie wrote:
 Beautiful and peaceful
2. belladonnis wrote:
 I love it!!!
3. belladonnis wrote:
 Think its a man in a monkey suit? lol
4. lilalee wrote:
 Playback is cute!!
5. Margaret wrote:
 Love it, love the playback.
6. brigsis wrote:
 I can see his foot! =)
7. coho wrote:
 Never know if ones hiding behind a tree and watching you.
8. coho wrote:
 Must be thousands of men walking around the pacific northwest wilderness in monkey suits.
9. indigo wrote:
 Fun playback...looks like BigFoot to me :D
10. Robindcr8l wrote:
 The elusive Bigfoot is lurking! Fun fun fun!
11. Doug wrote:
 Great animation!!! You should send this over to the Mugdots animation challenge. If you need help ask.
12. lynnspotter wrote:
 An elusive Bigfoot! This is great!!!
13. Luna wrote:
 Really cool. Love it!
14. Doug wrote:
 Thanks for posting it on the Mugdots Challenge (animation). Its a keeper!
15. faithfool wrote:
 Love it!