Title: After the storm (play)
created on 06 Aug 09

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1. pollyesther wrote:
 Wonderful Luna! love the playback!
2. lynnspotter wrote:
 BEAUTIFUL animation!!!
3. indigo wrote:
 Beautiful landscape and sky, love the playback!
4. Phuong wrote:
 it must take a long time !
5. sheftali52 wrote:
 A wonderful scene!
6. matthew wrote:
 Love it...
7. Drew Spear wrote:
 LOVE IT!!!!!!
8. KStanley wrote:
 This is a WOW! and by the way I checked out your link...I think my favorite is the cat looking out the window.
9. brigsis wrote:
 You really are one of the best!
10. solosater wrote:
 Am I seeing things or are there fairies and sprites in the garden??? No really?
11. solosater wrote:
 Well I'm sure of one. Are there more hidden? It's amazing on a whole new level; you may have hidden to well your talent.
12. faithfool wrote:
 This is crazy good Luna!!
13. debray wrote:
 Wow, What a masterpiece!!
14. belladonnis wrote:
 Luna, Luna, Luna thank you so much for sharing your talent!
15. Zozo wrote:
 So lovely
16. jshundo wrote:
 I love how you incorporated the background into your pic. Great use of color and light as well.
17. arty wrote:
 Wow and wow again. But I can't get playback on any drawings just now. So frustrating
18. Trixie wrote:
19. marius wrote:
 Pretty and also fun to playback!
20. Luna wrote:
 solosater, yes,all those and more :) There's a pot of gold off the right side of the picture, just where you can't quite reach it :)
21. Login wrote:
 Good animation ... and I love the end result.
22. Qsilv wrote:
 oooooh tricky! (warm smiles) Damn, you're good AND clever.
23. Luna wrote:
 Thanks everyone. Thanks Qsilv, I've missed hearing from you.
24. matthew wrote:
 Memorial for my mom will be in Elizabethton, TN where her family is from... Will let you know details as I get them... Thanks...
25. Luna wrote:
 I will watch here....
26. Princess31197 wrote:
27. clarice317 wrote:
 oh, Mom - the playback on this brought tears to my eyes... what a beautiful memorial, and a beautiful picture of life at the same time - thank you for creating this ;-)
28. spring222 wrote:
 Love the angel.
29. picasso2 wrote:
 I'm speechless.
30. maddyjean08 wrote:
 This is really pretty.
31. kyung wrote:
 WOW! It is Luna's work!
32. matthew wrote:
 Congrats on T5 Luna...
33. solange62 wrote:
 Luna, I'm speechless looking on your pics ! Congrats !
34. Arw65 wrote:
 Gratz on top 5-again. once again, im amazed!
35. kyung wrote:
 Congrats on Top 5s again! :O)
36. inked_gemini wrote:
 Amazing as always. Congrats again! :)
37. Peasy wrote:
 you rock, Luna! Congratulations, again. :)
38. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Very lovely, congratulations!
39. marius wrote:
 congratulations again Luna!
40. Login wrote:
 Congratulatons Luna.
41. emilyruth wrote:
 I've never sen anything like it
42. chelydra wrote:
 love how the angel visits briefly and flies off again in the replay
43. 101joee101 wrote:
 double WOW!Good picture!
44. 101joee101 wrote:
45. 101joee101 wrote:
46. lowri wrote:
 Meh ive made better pics look at mine you wil see its a copy of mine BASTERD