Title: Living Yellow in an ORANGE World
created on 14 Oct 08

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Comments on this picture (8):
1. tiki244 wrote:
 I love it!
2. qwer wrote:
 This makes a strong visual impact. Like a squash pumpkin. Great execution!
3. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, tiki244. I think I'm beginning to have a banana fetish - what with my elephant and cow/cat. This was not meant to be a banana squash, but rather, a yellow fellow pumpkin.
4. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, qwer. Glad you like this one. Did you notice his slicked-back, banana hair with every strand visible? Poor pump - even has buck teeth.
5. lizmeister wrote:
 This pumpkin has such great character. Jovi, you are amazing. Where are you from?
6. Jovi wrote:
 Thanks lizmeister! I would genuinely be worried if I saw this pumpkin in human form, because it looks extremely put out. I'm delighted that you LIKE my work on Think Draw! I am also a fan of yours!
7. Jovi wrote:
 more to lizmeister: Where am I from? My imagination is from my daydreams, my dreams and my nightmares. My precision is from my father. My colors are from my mother. And my art started as a way to entertain myself.
8. hdwildmustang wrote:
 YES...A Pumpkin with personality!

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