Title: Sunset of Amazon River, Bolivia
created on 11 Jul 09

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1. CoyoteGirl wrote:
 And every time I think you have outdone yourself.
2. Doug wrote:
 Ditto! This is amazing. I just love the interwoven pieces.
3. polenta wrote:
 It seems you are in Bolivia now. I hope you are enjoying your visit there and thanks for your pics from there.
4. kyung wrote:
 I am in my home from the night of July 5th. I was kind of sick with high fever(104.5 degrees F) and visited emergency room for check-up. Now I am OK.
5. lilalee wrote:
6. sheftali52 wrote:
 Love it!
7. marius wrote:
 Stunning! Feel like I'm there watching it. Ahhhhh!
8. kyung wrote:
 Thank you all!
9. debray wrote:
10. kyung wrote:
 Thank you, debray!
11. Kuppkakes wrote:
 Well, Hi there this is Kuppkakes and I am new to "think draw" i found this website by typing in how to draw animals and i klicked on "think draw" so i just decided to become amemeber on today which is July 21,2009.
12. kyung wrote:
 Welcome to "think draw", Kuppkakes!! I am sure that TD will invite you to a new world of creativity and mental relax.
13. chelydra wrote: