Title: Self-Reflection (after Rockwell)
created on 10 Jul 09

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Comments on this picture (31):
1. solosater wrote:
 And this is why compliments from you are so very appreciated. Just wow!*****
2. lilalee wrote:
 You have every detail of this famous painting!! Wonderful!!
3. Login wrote:
 A beautiful representation.
4. Baldur wrote:
 I love this
5. Margaret wrote:
 This is amazing.
6. polenta wrote:
 you ARE good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. polenta wrote:
 This is a top 5 for me.
8. CoyoteGirl wrote:
 You are amazing.
9. kaylynn wrote:
 Just great!!
10. indigo wrote:
 Top 5 for me too! Excellent!!
11. mekeys wrote:
12. dreamweaver wrote:
 Well done!
13. Doug wrote:
 Ingenious! Congrats on beauty!
14. Luna wrote:
 Wonderful! I had started to do this one also. Do you mind if I do it?
15. katpedro wrote:
 I just am amazed at yr talent. Great is all I can say.
16. LadyO wrote:
 There are no words!
17. mebu27 wrote:
 This is so pretty.
18. larr wrote:
 it is grand
19. five wrote:
 Luna, please do it! I love different interpretations.
20. DMarcella wrote:
21. Watzup wrote:
22. sheftali52 wrote:
23. polenta wrote:
 Five, are you a lawyer? I was amazed at your description when I read it thoroughly. You seem to have great experience in the field. THANKS A LOT.
24. j_s_h wrote:
 that looks SO good!!!
25. CampRockFan wrote:
 Words can't describe what an artist you are and the beauty of this! Brilliant!
26. mostblessedone wrote:
 Five, this is fantastic. I have always been a Rockwell fan. I recognized the pic immediately. I love the way you even managed to get the bare toes in.
27. kyung wrote:
 WORDS not enough!! Tatally great!
28. marius wrote:
 Superb! Love it, and ditto all the above!
29. zeksam wrote:
 Beautiful to watch and look at!
30. gwinnyb wrote:
 just never thought anyone could take on rockwell in this genre..the detail is too tough. you did a wonderful job of proovign me wrong
31. bhughes wrote:
 This picture is awesome !!! Thanks for the vote on my dog.

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