Title: Coral Reef
created on 10 May 09

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Comments on this picture (29):
1. katy wrote:
 wow... that good!
2. lilalee wrote:
 So beautiful!
3. DMarcella wrote:
 Wow, best ocean floor I've seen.
4. karbs wrote:
5. jmdx3mom wrote:
 Thank you for your nice comments.
6. five wrote:
 very pretty
7. marg wrote:
 hey, jmd.. nice to see you back - it's been 3 months (I just checked)! I couldn't work out why you tried to redo an earlier & more beautiful picture, though - you used to do all sorts of different things ?
8. Coolestlez wrote:
9. kaylynn wrote:
 Very nice.
10. 9ball9 wrote:
 Wow x2
11. anfcrf wrote:
 I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! i love it so much i'll make you a bunny! (:3
12. Login wrote:
 Nice one.
13. Qsilv wrote:
 aha! so, from marg's comment I went looking. The earlier one is excellent in itself, but I see clearly how much more control of detail you've got now, and this composition is a tad more solid. Glad to see you here again!
14. IamAnonymous wrote:
 Just keep swimming
15. pollyesther wrote:
 this is just perfect! love it all!
16. matthew wrote:
17. joy2004 wrote:
 is good
18. kyung wrote:
 Congratulations on TOP 5!! I don't understand why I missed this beaut before.
19. Qsilv wrote:
 (smiles) Congratulations!!!
20. jshundo wrote:
 congrats on top 5!
21. Arw65 wrote:
 lovely! congrats on top 5!
22. inked_gemini wrote:
 A humble congratulations. I wanted to do a scene like this in the same theme, but I knew I'd never be able to touch this kind of brilliance.
23. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on Top 5, jmd.
24. IamAnonymous wrote:
 Well deserved double family achievement in top 5!!(Smiles)
25. pollyesther wrote:
 GRATS on top 5, this is a brilliant pic!
26. Kateryn wrote:
 Congrats on the top five thing! Someday I want to be in the top five too! Your luck! Don't take it for granited!
27. roman wrote:
 that is cool
28. kdb0508 wrote:
 i like your picture a love lots.
29. Burgandy wrote:
 Great motion and color!

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