Title: Attack of the 50 Ft. 'Doh!
created on 25 Mar 09

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1. faithfool wrote:
 I couldn't fit the "h" on there so it's a do-er instead. Hee!
2. lillyt wrote:
 brings back memories . very nice!
3. Arw65 wrote:
4. mekeys wrote:
 Fun to watch PLAY
5. Arw65 wrote:
 oh and welcome back!
6. lilalee wrote:
 My, this is just wonderful!!
7. Qsilv wrote:
 lol.. this stuff is STILL great!!!
8. kmkagle wrote:
 Ah, do a separate drawing with the letter H!!!! ha! ha! Welcome back. This is a cute pic. I remember babysitting and my nephew got this all over the carpet!!!
9. LadyO wrote:
 this was fun to play back!
10. froufrou_fox wrote:
 I loved playing with this as a kid. I think I had the one that came with the Strawberry Shortcake moulds. Fun times and great pic! Welcome back!
11. lynnspotter wrote:
 Great! There really is a 50 ft model at DisneyWorld hotel.
12. faithfool wrote:
 Awww you guys, thanks! And I wish I could say I was completely back (although it's wonderful to be missed), I'm only on borrowed time with a friend's computer. ARGH! Will I be glad when we have enough money to make sure mine works right.
13. Login wrote:
 Fun to play with and fun to watch it replay.
14. maddyjean08 wrote:
 that brings back the memories of when i used to play with play-do. very nice!
15. sheftali52 wrote:
 so cool, faithfool. hope your computer can get fixed soon.
16. Qsilv wrote:
 ...psst, faithfool-- check out http://hermit-crabs.com/care.html
17. Qsilv wrote:
 (smiles) and yes, hurry back here to play with us more!
18. moodyqueen wrote:
 Cool playback
19. Nakama wrote:
 Nice nostalgia. Cheered me up a bit. :-)
20. Billie wrote:
 I want to play with "Play-Do"! nice pic!
21. faithfool wrote:
 Thanks y'all for the computer well wishes.... I hope it's fixed soon too. =( And Qsilv, I appreciate the link! Padre is doing much better now. To everyone else, I really am glad you all like it. Makes me wish I had some to play with now. Wheeeeee!!
22. Login wrote:
23. kitten008 wrote:
 this picture mest of taken you ages but still it is the most beautiful picture iv'e ever seen
24. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 Hi Faithfool! & Happy Birthday!! I am new to TD & I like to look through peps who have a b'day & if there's any that have good gallery's then even better!! You are DEF one of those! LOVE your work here, you have a certain style, very neat work, I really l
25. oliviawottonjeweller wrote:
 -ike it, def appeals to me! Hope you are well & come back here soon! :)
26. CoolGirl1 wrote:
 It says play do its supossed to be play - doh!

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