Title: trick or treat
created on 11 Sep 08

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1. Teresa wrote:
 This is surprising and s-o-o-o-o funny - that you thought to use the vase and make it into a ghost.
2. hdwildmustang wrote:
3. just94 wrote:
4. dessertdiva wrote:
 Wow, I guess it's true, "great minds think alike"; I posted a picture earlier today that has a similar idea, prior to viewing your submission. I just hope I can achieve your level...you're awesome! Happy Hallowe'en!
5. qwer wrote:
 Love this.
6. tiki244 wrote:
 Thank You Teresa for your comment. I am glad you like you were surprised by my ghost.
7. tiki244 wrote:
 Thank you also hdwildmustang for your comment.
8. tiki244 wrote:
 Thanks just94 I am glad you think it is cute.
9. tiki244 wrote:
 Thank you desertdiva,I am pleased that you like it. I Love your picture of the ghost and trees.
10. tiki244 wrote:
 Thank you qwer, I am glad you like it.
11. Dragon wrote:
 Love this, it's great how the ghost looks nervous
12. tiki244 wrote:
 Thank You Dragon
13. Login wrote:
 How did I miss this .. it's very good.

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