Title: Shooting Star
created on 30 Aug 08

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Comments on this picture (12):
1. ccsimmons wrote:
2. tiki244 wrote:
 I love this picture.
3. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you! The blackberries are a delight to work into a night sky.
4. Dandy wrote:
 I love the layers/rows and love the banana moon!
5. Teresa wrote:
 Hi Dandy. Thank you! Everything grows from the source of the berry river -- and it grows toward the viewer. I was surprised I could get (some) sense of perspective with fruit.
6. MILAVILAx3 wrote:
 once i saw this...i thought it was brilliant!
7. just94 wrote:
8. qwer wrote:
 Really nice.
9. Rearden wrote:
10. Heather e1 wrote:
 Very creative.
11. Heather e1 wrote:
 I think this should be one of the top 5
12. Login wrote:

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