Title: Peace (Lion and lamb)
created on 15 Feb 09

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Comments on this picture (49):
1. DMarla wrote:
 I missed this one. Wow, this is the best.
2. Soda wrote:
 Love this Luna... *thinks at least she was not planning on doing this :p*
3. Luna wrote:
 Soda, is there anything in particular you would like for me to not draw :) lol
4. Soda wrote:
 no go ahead and draw ... I have ideas... I just have too many of them :p well if you draw a person signing peace in ASL (a child) I will have problems lol
5. Luna wrote:
 Oh darn...I will erase that one!
6. Soda wrote:
 My problem is if I make a picture of the same thing it will end up being very (TOO) similar unless I wait awhile to draw it. Or else I would attempt the dove...
7. likemee wrote:
8. Luna wrote:
 That's OK. do the dove anyway! I know what you mean though..it kind of sticks in your head and won't go away.
9. Luna wrote:
 Thanks likeme. this one took forever! It's got about 200 layers.
10. five wrote:
11. karbs wrote:
 This is the BEST, I agree with DMarla, WOW
12. nancylee wrote:
 Luna, you are completely amazing!
13. cutegrl289 wrote:
 i love it!
14. lynnspotter wrote:
 ______________________ I'm speechless!!
15. puzzler wrote:
 Run little lamb! He's behind you!
16. Luna wrote:
17. marg wrote:
 Wow - this is stunning !
18. mostblessedone wrote:
 Luna, this is super!
19. gwinnyb wrote:
 as always, wonderful. thank you
20. kmkagle wrote:
21. Login wrote:
 This is stunning.
22. sheftali52 wrote:
 wow--this is a real gem!!
23. matthew wrote:
 Great pic...
24. pollyesther wrote:
 i love this...very inspirational...my favorite
25. NINA wrote:
 Best pic for peace!
26. clarice317 wrote:
 This - is GOOD. !! ;-)
27. aasd wrote:
 Jesus is our Lion and Lamb! Your talent is amazing! Great job!
28. candr wrote:
 Didn't get a chance to comment before. This is my favorite "Peace" pic.
29. Snickers wrote:
 I think this is one of my top favorites on this site. It is unbelievably amazing!
30. pollyesther wrote:
 great to see this on top 5. congratulations!
31. matthew wrote:
 Another resurection from out of the vote bandits grasp... Congrats on top 5...
32. Madeline wrote:
33. DMarla wrote:
 Congrat's on T5. Man I'm so glad you got this, it is the best.
34. lizmeister wrote:
35. kmkagle wrote:
 Love this drawing! Congratulations.
36. maddyjean08 wrote:
 I LOVE this drawing!
37. gwinnyb wrote:
 didn't credit you in my lion but though the title was karbs this played a part in inspiring me to make a lion, it didn't come out near as well as this though.thank you for playing a part
38. shub16 wrote:
 Why do I even try comparing myself to you guys this is amazing, mind blowing, I thought my art was good but no look iam drawing a blank just talking aimlessly and thinking of your drawing.
39. autumn wrote:
 I can't believe I didn't vote on this before, it is beautiful. and congrats on it being top 5!
40. Triste wrote:
 Hey, I used this as a reference on my lion paintings, I hope you don't mind. The lines on the face were so defined in yours, it was a huge help :)
41. Luna wrote:
 Don't mind at all. Glad it helped :)
42. jaxrose4 wrote:
 that is a really really really really vary good drawlling
43. marius wrote:
 Love this too! First thing I "saw" was Aslan, the Lion in Lion-Witch-Wardrobe book. Yes, that's not who you drew - but this lion fits my "picture" of the fictional one best of all I've seen!
44. Nikki24 wrote:
 The lion looks amazing! honestly the first thing i thought of was the book Twilight but now it looks like a very peace inspired drawing.
45. Lionlover129 wrote:
 Omg love lions! Best pic.! Love it!
46. GingerNinja wrote:
 Nikki24, exactly what i thought of.. " What a stupid lamb..." you know the rest... ☻
47. Luna wrote:
 Protector and protected, or predator and prey?....
48. saba wrote:
 agree with nikki24 and lionlover129...the first thing that occured to me was twilight!!!...the lions eys arent topaz anyway!lol...it is a really beautiful drawing!!!
49. saba wrote:
 or maybe the eyes are a bit lighter than topaz...so surely he is not hungry...:)