Title: Among the Lilies
created on 14 Feb 09

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1. DMarla wrote:
 I like this even more!!!!!!
2. DMarla wrote:
 One of my favorites to date.
3. mostblessedone wrote:
 Very cool. I love the eyes!
4. Qsilv wrote:
 oh good grief.. I don't know which I like more, but the eyes are absolutely unbeatable!
5. Login wrote:
 I'm sure I just saw the eyes move!
6. gwinnyb wrote:
 this is really wonderful thank you for your artistry
7. NINA wrote:
 I see motion all over the pic, wonderful!
8. anotherronism wrote:
 Holy shit! (i don't say that lightly)
9. likemee wrote:
 they are both stunning! will we get to see where he goes next?
10. marg wrote:
 that is just sooo cute - great pic !
11. dogz67 wrote:
 this is so good
12. katpedro wrote:
 Yes great, I too saw the eyes move.
13. matthew wrote:
 The depth... The motion... OMG... How wonderful... I feel like I am there... Holding my breath & sitting motionless now... Don't want to spook the little fellow...
14. DMarla wrote:
 Is the water made of blueberries? I've been wondering how you did the water?
15. cutegrl289 wrote:
16. puzzler wrote:
17. grahame wrote:
 I really, really like this one.
18. Login wrote:
 Who's transfixed ... the frog or us?
19. sheftali52 wrote:
 wow--this is fantastic!!
20. jshundo wrote:
21. pollyesther wrote:
 very, very nicely done, brilliant work with those blueberries and the frog is o realistic
22. pollyesther wrote:
23. pollyesther wrote:
 well deserved t5!
24. matthew wrote:
 Best pic this month in my opinion... Congratulations on top 5...
25. DMarla wrote:
 I ditto what Matthew just said because he beat me to it. I love this frog so much; I can see this being framed and hung on the wall.
26. candr wrote:
 Thanks! It was a fun picture to work on.
27. MugDots2 wrote:
 Hi, Candr. I replied to your msg on my school bus drawing. By the way, this is a really nice froggy. I like his eyes. I used to collect frogs years ago, but they were taking over and I had to send them hopping! :)
28. pookielol3 wrote:
 this rules
29. maddyjean08 wrote:
 This totally RULEZ!
30. tiki244 wrote:
 Beautiful froggy. Just love the eyes. How realistic looking! congrats!!!
31. nancylee wrote:
 I don't know how I missed these before! Fantastic!
32. maddyjean08 wrote:
 fantastic pic...congratz!
33. bagel wrote:
 fantastic pic.
34. himason15 wrote:
35. Mila wrote:
 zhgibiggg Its goodd
36. Login wrote:
 I'm browsing through some of the older drawings that reaaly impressed me. You have done some great drawings but, for me, this is top of the pile.
37. eliza wrote:
 Congratulations on this awesome pic.
38. dannyt175 wrote:
39. Simona wrote:
 this is the best
40. pseudandry wrote:
 I love looking at this!
41. Shanley wrote:
 so cute! great shading
42. Login wrote:
 candr, where are you? Whenever I do a search through the gallery, your drawings are in the forefront.
43. candr wrote:
 We just had a new baby, so life's been a little busy! I occasionally log on to see others' work, but don't really have the time to add my own. It's nice to be missed :-)
44. Geetha wrote:
 Oh my god! I guess it's going to jump out of the water anytime. It is that real. Too good.
45. KJLavigne wrote:
 Wonderful little frog!

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