Title: LOVE Cereal: 99 44/100 Pure Valentine
created on 08 Feb 09

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1. faithfool wrote:
 For my husband Jaceson.... I love you man! =D
2. Soda wrote:
 This is really creative...
3. DMarla wrote:
 You don't have any votes yet, I got to change that fact. This is beautiful.
4. Luna wrote:
 Wow, that must have taken forever!nice job!
5. faithfool wrote:
 Thanks everyone! It did take about 3 hours from start to finish and why is it that all you end up seeing are the flaws? Argh!
6. suitablywounded wrote:
7. tnpryor wrote:
 fantastic, i wish i was that talented!
8. kmkagle wrote:
 I agree with all of the above. This is very nice! I have to say unique. Nice work!
9. faithfool wrote:
 You guys are great!
10. arty wrote:
 Another winner
11. katpedro wrote:
 Fantastic Faithfool.
12. rich wrote:
 love it very nice :)i must say jaceson is lucky to hv sumone so talented lyk u it seems just flawless love it!!!!
13. froufrou_fox wrote:
 This is just beautiful. Every detail is done to perfection. Love it!
14. lynnspotter wrote:
15. baby wrote:
 WOW Great Pic!
16. faithfool wrote:
 Thank you, thank you all! Although I've got to ask Lynn.... what do you mean I got "zapped"? I'm clueless as to what's happened. HELP!
17. candr wrote:
 Love it -- especially those monkey mouths. Who would have thought they could turn out so pretty! :-)
18. Qsilv wrote:
 I understand about seeing the flaws when you've spent hours on it... but YOU know none of us see 'em in this! It's pure delight.
19. LaDonna wrote:
 I had voted on this earlier and since it is one of your favorites I thought I should comment also. My husband will love this if its Rice Crispies. Looks like a lot of work and it paid off it is wonderful.
20. lynnspotter wrote:
 'Zapped' means SOMEONE voted you down, & this is beautiful, precise, imaginative, well... a 5+!!!!
21. faithfool wrote:
 You guys are great!! And thank you for the explanation Lynn. I had no idea, but regardless of any 'zapping,' I appreciate everyone's comments to much to worry about anything else. HAPPY V-DAY TDers!!
22. polenta wrote:
 talented, artistic, superb!!!! I love it!!!

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