Title: Happy v day love ya!
created on 08 Feb 09

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Comments on this picture (43):
1. baby wrote:
 So Beautiful!!!!
2. puzzler wrote:
 Great texture on your rose!
3. aasd wrote:
4. DMarla wrote:
 WOW, WOW. I just had to keep looking to see how you did this.
5. anotherronism wrote:
 Nice. Original. Cool too!
6. autumn wrote:
 nice rose!
7. Login wrote:
 The single red rose ... symbol of love. Good drawing.
8. Soda wrote:
 This is nice... very well done.
9. pollyesther wrote:
 wonderful, this is so beautiful
10. LaDonna wrote:
 This is very beautiful.
11. faithfool wrote:
 AMAZING! I love monochramatic work with this much shading... great job!
12. Luna wrote:
13. kmkagle wrote:
 This is so unique. Very nice work. Had to look sooo close to see how it was made.
14. Qsilv wrote:
 getting roses really right is tricky; this one is AND it's bejeweled with dewdrops... wow!
15. NINA wrote:
 A rose like this, who needs a dozen!!!
16. marcella wrote:
 oh my gosh, perfectly amazing!!
17. katpedro wrote:
 Luv it, Luv it, Luv it.
18. Jodi wrote:
19. puffmias73 wrote:
 Wow that is just beautiful!
20. gwinnyb wrote:
 thanks to all. I'm glad you enjoyed my rose. I had a lot of fun making it too!
21. froufrou_fox wrote:
 A rose is a rose is a rose... and this one's great! Love the texture.
22. MugDots2 wrote:
23. pollyesther wrote:
 i thought i commented on this, i guess it didnt save. fantastic rose! very lovely
24. nancylee wrote:
 Nina's comment reflects my thoughts. I love your work!
25. KStanley wrote:
 Amazing attention to detail....every petal is perfect
26. grahame wrote:
 Beautifully done
27. gwinnyb wrote:
 HIgh praise indeed from so many very talented people. thank you, it was my pleasure
28. pebbles wrote:
29. Jodi wrote:
 This is lovely, a 'sweet' rose :)
30. GIGI101 wrote:
 If only I could make that:-)
31. caelin369 wrote:
32. pollyesther wrote:
 grats t5!
33. DMarla wrote:
 Congrat's on T5. This is so great, I wish I could see a slow play by play of how you did this.
34. matthew wrote:
 Congrats again on top 5...
35. maddyjean08 wrote:
36. kitten008 wrote:
 its so beautiful never delete it
37. gwinnyb wrote:
 thanks so much Ienjoyed it
38. kitten008 wrote:
 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww its so pretty it made me feel better!
39. kitten008 wrote:
 OMG it restores my faith in boy kind even though i think you are a girl
40. bellegrl wrote:
 wow thats so Wow. :)
41. Beccaxxx wrote:
 good rose class
42. frostic wrote:
43. fabian_flora wrote:
 I love képeid!