Title: (who am I?) Jerry Garcia
created on 02 Feb 09

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Comments on this picture (55):
1. DMarla wrote:
 Wow even the guitar is great. Luna even got the teeth in there.
2. puzzler wrote:
 Excellent pic whoever it is!
3. Madeline wrote:
4. Arw65 wrote:
 Holy..... WOW this is Amazing.
5. Login wrote:
 I don't know but it's a real person, all right.
6. Luna wrote:
 Doesn't anyone have a guess??
7. LaDonna wrote:
 Jerry Garcia?
8. clarice317 wrote:
 Jerry, man!! ;-)
9. pebbles wrote:
 this is amazing. Are you a grateful dead fan?
10. acteen123 wrote:
 wow itz a masterpeice
11. Soda wrote:
 Very nice :)
12. clarice317 wrote:
 pebbles: Luna's kids are Dead fans, esp. her son. My brother ;-)
13. aasd wrote:
 Love the forehead creases! Fantastic pic!
14. kmkagle wrote:
 Wonderful picture. I enjoy all of your work, this one is just sooooooooooooooooooo.
15. Isis13 wrote:
 OMG! It's simply amazing!
16. DMarla wrote:
 This my favorite of yours. I want to try one by looking at a distance instead of doing the realistic thing I do. Is this how you do it?
17. nancylee wrote:
18. mekeys wrote:
 has to be the best for the year !!!
19. Luna wrote:
 Very good LaDonna! Yes!
20. sheftali52 wrote:
 wow--a 5 doesn't do this justice! it's a 10!
21. lynnspotter wrote:
22. matthew wrote:
 This is the best I have ever seen...
23. Luna wrote:
 Thanks everyone!
24. pollyesther wrote:
 this is soooooooo awesome=)
25. doodler wrote:
 fantastic!you used animal parts? This is truly amazing Too bad this can't be framed
26. LaDonna wrote:
 my husband walked in the room while i was looking at this amazing picture and new who it was at first glance. i agree with doodler this should be framed WOW
27. arty wrote:
 What an artist. You are certaily the top for me in TD.
28. lilmiss wrote:
 Unbelievable! This picture rocks more than Jerry Garcia even...I'm sure he'd agree.
29. marg wrote:
 I'm speechless.. I wasn't even looking for this, but it stopped me dead. It's absolutely fantastic.
30. katpedro wrote:
 Luna it is certainly the best.
31. Qsilv wrote:
32. cutegrl289 wrote:
 fantastic! i knew it was jerry right away!
33. Ilikecolor wrote:
34. sootyunicorn wrote:
 You're amazing at this.
35. qwer wrote:
 I would have guessed a fox from Spain.
36. Fatty_nubnub wrote:
 Best Ive ever seen!!!!!
37. candr wrote:
 This is awesome! I see someone voted less than an 5 (what...are they crazy), but I think you're getting enough 5's to undo the damage!
38. 1020 wrote:
 I am constantly amazed by your work!this is great
39. socoolkatie wrote:
 I love it-it's just so good!
40. raydog wrote:
 This is Awesome
41. Luna wrote:
42. Mila wrote:
 OOO Gad. You are talent. Really. Keep it. Amazing sister
43. jshundo wrote:
 wow! that will make all the Dead Heads happy!
44. pollyesther wrote:
 Gratz on t5 Luna=)
45. matthew wrote:
 Jerry has been resurected... Congrats on Top 5...
46. janne wrote:
 I knew it was Jerry even before I read the heading. Amazing!!!
47. DMarla wrote:
 Congrat's, for T5 for one of my very favorites.
48. candr wrote:
 Great surprise, especially for that "bandit"! You do such fabulous work -- congratulations!
49. kmkagle wrote:
 Again, congratulations on top 5. This is a fabulous drawing.
50. seofelite wrote:
51. penelope wrote:
 your work is really amazing! I can' wait to see more.
52. 2350maya wrote:
 Oh My Gosh!!! You are my new role-model for this website. And I am only nine turning ten years old! To impress a 9-10 year old, you should be able to impress anyone!
53. josh02 wrote:
 This is sooooooooo amazing.This should be in a art gallery!
54. debray wrote:
 A fellow deadhead? I LOVE this!!!!
55. marius wrote:
 Finally visiting your gallery. Too many to comment on - so I'll pick a few and you can assume I like all the rest. I do! :)Love this one!!!