Title: Puttin' on the Ritz!
created on 20 Mar 19

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1. chelydra wrote:
 Puttin' On the Ritz Song by Fred Astaire Lyrics Have you seen the well to do Up and down Park Avenue On that famous thoroughfare With their noses in the air High hats and narrow collars White spats and lots of dollars Spending every dime For a w
2. chelydra wrote:
 For a wonderful time Now, if you're blue And you don't know where to go to Why don't you go where fashion sits Puttin' on the Ritz Different types who wear a day coat Pants with stripes and cutaway coat Perfect fits Puttin' on the Ritz Dressed up
3. chelydra wrote:
 ...like a million dollar trooper Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper Super duper Come, let's mix where Rockefeller's Walk with sticks or "umbrellas" In their mitts Puttin' on the Ritz Now, if you're blue And you don't know where to go to Why don
4. chelydra wrote:
 etc etc etc Puttin' On the Ritz lyrics © O/B/O Apra Amcos
5. bugoy1 wrote:
 The re-make version by Taco isn't half bad either. Fun pic!
6. evefoster wrote:
 Puttin on the tits..I MEAN Ritz!
7. evefoster wrote:
 Every time I hear that song I see Frankenstein's Monster dancing on stage with a top hat and walking stick..
8. pinkie wrote:
 Full of go!
9. Hazer wrote:
 Swinging good time
10. indigo wrote:
 Love Fred, Ginger, Gene, Donald and Debbie. Big fan of black and white and musicals. Also love your sexy moon!
11. patsypie wrote:
 Like a super underworld version during the full moon.
12. Burgandy wrote:
 good depiction!
13. AFSOUTH wrote:
14. katidid wrote:
 This is a hoot! So cool!
15. hjjr wrote:
 it makes me get up and dance

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