Title: Canady
created on 23 Nov 18

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1. elilow wrote:
2. elilow wrote:
 5 stars
3. elilow wrote:
 jk is lame
4. Zairyn wrote:
5. Sisiis wrote:
 I rate 5 on this pic
6. Sisiis wrote:
 Your the best
7. Sisiis wrote:
  Like it so much
8. elilow wrote:
 relly come on
9. katidid wrote:
 Interesting! Welcome to Think Draw Zairyn! If Elilow and Sisiis want to "Rate" your picture, tell them to respond to the E-mail from Think Draw when they joined. :-)
10. chelydra wrote:
 Nicely constructed. You have a cool way of balancing things. Check out the little things you can click, like making pieces bigger and smaller.
11. elilow wrote:

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