Title: Adam?
created on 06 Nov 18

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1. Normal wrote:
 Now there's a thought!
2. Vals wrote:
 Why not!
3. indigo wrote:
 Well done! Can't wait to see Eve!
4. AFSOUTH wrote:
  Outstanding Dude!
5. lexa wrote:
 Wow! chelydra, what a great idea and picture! and, as you know, we do have Neanderthal DNA. ok, so who's Eve? LOL
6. Lolla wrote:
 Remember, it was God's first attempt Forgive me ....
7. katidid wrote:
 Well done!!
8. evefoster wrote:
 Adam was made in the Image of God, God is Love, that is not God nor His Image or His Son... BUT it could be one of the enemies attempts at having humans mate with the apes, that looks like on of his children.. retarded half human half ape
9. chelydra wrote:
 I guess I should defer to the judgement of an Eve, but I'm proud of my bloodlines and am unwilling to turn by back on those revered ancestors. Sorry.
10. evefoster wrote:
 I AM SORRY... i didnt mean to offend you... I thought you were asking a question
11. evefoster wrote:
 i wish i could erase that comment , but i dont think its possible... I have looked and looked for a way to delete it but to add to my first comment, i dont believe that if that guy above was made that a race of people came out of it (or him)...after al
12. evefoster wrote:
 (it cut off the rest of what i said) ....AFTER ALL... I would not be attracted to him even if he was the only man on earth...Just saying but as the art Goes, very very good art work
13. evefoster wrote:
 How can a person be Proud of a blood line of a Neanderthal? And NO THERE IS NO PROOF OF THAT DNA BEING IN ANYONE . you literally said you are PROUD OF THIS THING BEING YOUR DISTANT DADDY. and you REVERE THIS Ancestor? who you dont even know? all ca
14. evefoster wrote:
 and No I wasnt Judging you..You did that all on your own... i wonder if this guy was here today if you would be so proud to say the village idiot is even part of your bloodline?
15. evefoster wrote:
 you got offended by me telling you the TRUTH.. how to you think it makes me feel seeing you make fun of my Father, His Son? But that doesn't matter right? I know for a fact that everyone knows in their Heart what the truth is, people just allow the enemy
16. evefoster wrote:
 To deceive , trick or beguile them out of it. So when you felt judged , it didnt come from me, that came from with in yourself
17. evefoster wrote:
 The Christians of this world are the MOST DECEIVED . I am not one of them, so dont lump me in with them... jUST Because i know that the
18. evefoster wrote:
19. evefoster wrote:
 YOU ARE A GREAT ARTIST, THAT CAN NOT BE DENIED... but this " adam?" is WRONG,,AND IN YOUR HEART you know it... Adam & Jesus are one and the same Spirit man...THE SON OF GOD!
20. evefoster wrote:
 AND hE WAS MADE IN THE iMAGE OF HIS FATHER, who is God! So what? you made fun of God... I think I rebuke it , in a rather nice way
21. evefoster wrote:
 the first time.. then said i was sorry for offending you... and you have nothing to say? well.. we have all made fun of God in our lives, you didnt do something that i am not guilty of having done
22. evefoster wrote:
 But, now that i know Him its like getting to know someone that everyone hates and finding out that are innocent of all the bad that everyone says they have done and the coolest most loving person on earth
23. evefoster wrote:
 and the meekest, most humble, longsuffering , just absolute perfection and everything we all ever wanted , and actually is..and will tell you the truth about everything
24. evefoster wrote:
 and that all we have ever known were all lies, everything, then tells you the truth... so , i got offended... becuz I know Him...and i love HIM, and it hurt... BUT I didnt want to make all of you hate me.. IT DOESNT feel good to be hated..
25. chelydra wrote:
 Actually, I belong to that belief-system that is most certain to offend just about everyone, including unbelievers and satanists. I believe in open-mindedness, and I believe there are probably very interesting reasons for different ways of seeing things.
26. chelydra wrote:
 Having said that, the only "belief" I fully and whole-heartedly "believe in" is that there is such a 'thing' (if we can call everything a thing) as reality... What many fundamentalists Christian disparage as Creation (as if the Creation must be by definit
27. chelydra wrote:
 ...by definition, nothing compared to its Creator) is really the only way we can ever be sure we are really encountering the mind of the Creator (in "mind" is not to trivial a word)
28. chelydra wrote:
 Every religion has a competing God or set of Gods, all believed in just as fervently as the rest (until their faith fades away, but some just keep growing).
29. chelydra wrote:
 I share my home with two ex-brothers-in-law who needed a place to stay after a long run of hard luck... They (and their father before them) have had epic struggles to find the True form of Christianity, in which they can fully believe...
30. chelydra wrote:
 Now the one who is positive he's found the right path is convinced that those who go to church on Sundays will burn in hell, because those churches are all corrupted—owned and operated by Satan.
31. chelydra wrote:
 The other was told his prayers would be answered (at a church a sister brought him into) but they weren't and so he left that church.
32. chelydra wrote:
 Some members of the family believed a radio preacher had pinpointed the date the world would end. The date came and went. The stress of anticipation (and the sadness of saying goodbye to this planet and the loved ones on it)...
33. chelydra wrote:
 ...caused at least one to resume a long-conquered dependence on alcohol. He managed to quit again, but it was a rough week.
34. chelydra wrote:
 (ABOVE) #27 typo — meant to write "...IF mind is not TOO trival a word..."
35. chelydra wrote:
 I could go on and on and on... There's old General Rios Montt, who was for a time the head of state in Guatemala. He was a devout Pentacostal, revered and promoted by American right-wing televangelists for his faith and commitment to doing God's work. Go
36. chelydra wrote:
 God's work apparently included sending army nits into Mayan villages, where people had lived in peace for countless centuries, growing their food, weaving their gorgeous clothes of homegrown cotton and organic dyes, minding their own business... Onward,
37. chelydra wrote:
 ... Onward Christian Soldiers!, said Gen, Rios Montt! And his army (with Israeli advisors' assistance and the blessings of the televangelists) ...
38. chelydra wrote:
 ...went into one Mayan village after another, burning everything to the ground, the populations being displaced or left for dead. Why? God's will be done! And all those mayan lands are now export plantations ...
39. chelydra wrote:
 ...with Mayan laborers, barbed wire fences, etc. They don't need much labor, and the Mayans can no longer grow their own food (thanks in part to Monsanto's GMO juggernaut)...
40. chelydra wrote:
 ...so manyGuatemalans end up migrating north to seek work, where the president, with the blessings of many fundamentalist preachers...
41. chelydra wrote:
 ...declares "These are not people, they are animals" and strongly indicates that America would be better off if they al stayed home (where their homes were burned) and starved, or died of pesticide exposure on the big new plantations.
42. chelydra wrote:
 This is nothing new, this version of Christianity. In the First Crusade, the Christian liberators finally breached the walls of Jerusalem in 1099, and what did they do? They massacred Christians! There were plenty of Christians who had been living peace i
43. chelydra wrote:
 Christians who had been living peacefully in Moslem lands, including in besieged Jerusalem. When it was time to behead everyone in the liberated city, that meant everyone. Christian martyrs are often martyred by other Christians. The God of Love never res
44. chelydra wrote:
 ... never rests, His work never ends. He's a lot like Allah the Merciful (some would say they're the same One) who's always on the lookout for members of other Moslem sects who need to be blown up or beheaded.
45. chelydra wrote:
 Many comments ago, you were wishing you could erase your first post where you raised these questions. and part of me wishes I could erase all these, for the same reasons. But perhaps we can be friends AND tell the truth as we see it?
46. chelydra wrote:
 But I said I was open-minded and I was not kidding. There is no movement in religion or politics or economics that hath not the potential to commit genocidal atrocities (if it has the potential succeed on a large scale). Thereis still much truth in Christ
47. chelydra wrote:
 ...There is still much truth in Christianity, and I cherish it. I do not dismiss any of it as meaningless rubbish, and much of it is as sacred to me as it is to you. Believe it or not, in that I include the opening chapters of Genesis, and the closing cha
48. chelydra wrote:
 ... of Genesis, and the closing chapters of Revelations. My reading what they mean is as literal as your reading, and yet I would be very surprised if we agreed on what they mean. But that's a subject for another time.
49. chelydra wrote:
 And PS: There is not one word in what I wrote that was fabricated, embellished, or distorted. You can't say that you're surrounded by liars attacking your faith and your God—I can respect your faith and recognize the feelings your describe as true
50. chelydra wrote:
 ... true and valid... but your defensiveness is not necessary. Any faith that's strong and true has nothing to fear from the confrontations with evidence and objectivity. I've been told by a Jehovah's Witness that he joined because others has questions wh
51. chelydra wrote:
 ... had questions whereas the JW had answers. I have been told by a proud Islamic fundamentalist in London (who was affiliated with a mosque associated with terror groups) that doubt is the enemy. But to both of them I said the same things— (1) if
52. chelydra wrote:
  (1) if I had not doubted my own indoctrinations, I would not now be listening to them and pondering their ideas — and (2) Doubt is sacred, for without doubt how can we know we are in possession of the truth? (Just look at the people who we KNOW ar
53. chelydra wrote:
 ... are wrong yet who feel no doubts ever; shall we be like them in our own faith? Shouldn't our own faith be so brittle or weak that it would crumble when inconvenient facts are considered with an open mind?
54. chelydra wrote:
 One of my ex-brothers-in-law — tells me that God deposited the skulls of cave men in the caves of Europe and in the sands of the Great Rift Valley to test our faith in His Word.
55. chelydra wrote:
 Likewise dinosaur bones, and the fossil traces of ancient shellfish, ferns, etc. in coal deposits.
56. chelydra wrote:
 This is what he thinks is a logical explanation of the existence of evidence of evolution.
57. chelydra wrote:
 The same logic would make a far more logical case that Mother Nature gave us that evidence of our planet's long and marvelous history n order to free us from the kind of faith that fears truth... since after all, the odds of people creating words and clai
58. chelydra wrote:
 ... creating words and claiming they're from God are a hell of a lot stronger than the odds that Satanic sects of people could have fabricated all those fossils (out of what materials, by what means?) or that the God of the Universe would go around laying
59. chelydra wrote:
 ... laying traps for His own believers so he can find more excuses to burn the doubters in Hell.
60. chelydra wrote:
 But all this is about mind-games and logical puzzles. It says nothing against the subjective truth of what you feel in your heart, which I totally respect.
61. chelydra wrote:
 And I'm glad you took the time and trouble to engage in your defense of your faith, and I hope you feel likewise about my sermon on open-mindedness.
62. chelydra wrote:
 In #53 above, I just noticed what could probably be interpreted as a "Freudian slip". What I intended to say of course was "Should" not "shouldn't"
63. evefoster wrote:
 Okay Blown Away... Thank you... I had a really hard time typing anything to you..i would type then find out it never went through
64. evefoster wrote:
 so i learned to make short comments.. and you cant imagine what it is like to be a mother of 7, a wife, a maid, thankfully i dont have to cook much, my daughter loves doing it....
65. evefoster wrote:
 and you must take in consideration my gender.. there are reactions that i have that my husband would never have, and frankly he is always right, as painfully as that can be to say, but its also keeps me safe, which is a good place to be, as a women.
66. evefoster wrote:
 you have touched on a subject that has ONLY RECENTLY ,WELL, IN THE PAST FOUR YEARS even been put out there
67. evefoster wrote:
 even tho we have all felt it in our hearts for a very long time... That the synagog of Satan is The Christian Church... and we know that Love doesnt create lies in hopes of creating faith
68. evefoster wrote:
 people think that refusing to deny something is faith, thus if i refuse to deny that Jesus is the son of God etc.. i will go to heaven and have great faith
69. evefoster wrote:
 Faith IS the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for AND the evidence of things not seen
70. evefoster wrote:
 what the synagog of satan does is read cherry picked scriptures then tell people that is applies to them... these preachers, no matter who they are spend the entire sermon speaking their words
71. evefoster wrote:
 like God is unable to dummy down to us and speak to us plainly... The Word of God was never written to the flesh, yet we automatically apply it to our flesh... His Word is Spirit, It is Alive, Much like Art can be.. but it can NOT be interpreted ...I be
72. evefoster wrote:
 I believe we are here for one reason, to answer one question
73. evefoster wrote:
 to find out who we will serve... will we serve evil, which means we only serve our flesh, which results in the 7 deadly sins
74. evefoster wrote:
 or, do we serve God/Love which means we will be renewed in our thinking, and become to be just like Jesus, and be filled with the 7 Spirits of God, then get to spend eternity with God in a place that would and does exceed our imaginations ability to come
75. evefoster wrote:
 up with anything so fantastic... there is no better way to be tested then to have evil being offered to us , not by God but by Lucifer
76. evefoster wrote:
 for God can not be tempted with evil or temp us with it... what i meant by the lies of everything we were ever taught were lies...
77. evefoster wrote:
 was this..think about it,...in this kingdom we are forced, pretty much to go to school, there we were taught lies... , then church.. the radio, tv. this place.. filled with fear, doubt of everything
78. evefoster wrote:
 we are all litterally set up to fail...why? So that if a person does get a revelation about God
79. evefoster wrote:
 they go to a religious place to make sure they dont find Him... then we are all trained to lust, lets not forget PRIDE... you know
80. evefoster wrote:
 you dont need me to tell you that we have all been trained unknowingly by the enemy to be slaves to the lust of the flesh
81. evefoster wrote:
 So why are the christains double agents? and they dont even know? Part brainwashing, and being deceived into thinking they are saved , born again
82. evefoster wrote:
 slaves to righteousness... when in fact they are not and have become the furthest a person can be from God, calling themselves men and women of God
83. evefoster wrote:
 yet , they serve the enemy day and night, thier good deeds are done to hide who they really are , they do everything to be seen by men
84. evefoster wrote:
 God can respect the Muslim, and if that muslim gives his life to save another person from being killed,
85. evefoster wrote:
 there is no greater gift, they will not go to hell...who goes to heaven...well does the women who went to church every sunday and wont even look at a person
86. evefoster wrote:
 who asks for pennies on the street, or the women who was a prostitute her whole life then murdered after being raped...who goes? the prostitute will enter Heaven...we are Judged by what is in our hearts, not what the flesh does or did
87. evefoster wrote:
 what if the church going women only thought about having sex with everything and anyone all the time but never did it in the flesh
88. evefoster wrote:
 and the prostitute had no way to survive and hated every second , but in her mind she imagined herself pure and good
89. evefoster wrote:
 what i am saying is..we will be judged for the imaginations we have . the things done in secret.. for it is our spirit doing them..Our robot
90. evefoster wrote:
 we are in returns to dirt..its just dogs doing dogs... and its when a person realizes they cant stop thinking evil thoughts ..thats when we need help
91. evefoster wrote:
 every day is a new day to stop being devoured by evil..for what we do in our spirit will manifest in the flesh eventually...
92. evefoster wrote:
 I gotta go talk later i Hope
93. chelydra wrote:
 SU M M E R I S H E R E . Flowers have bloomed. Bees are fl ying. Clouds have gone. Everybody is happy. Everybody is out. People are having picnics. School is out, and no schoolwork to do. Children are playing. There are hats to be seen, and c
94. chelydra wrote:
 hats to be seen, and cool sun glasses. Summer will soon be over and life too. Make the most of it..... That was a sort of poem, by a young woman who was my student and my friend. I was teaching a writing class in a program for people with what we call
95. chelydra wrote:
  what we called (politely) "mental health issues"... most of my students had good reasons for those "issues". This woman, only 18 or 19, my youngest, seemed simply magical, full of grace and joy.
96. chelydra wrote:
 When I saw comment your comment #88 I almost felt an electric shock, or maybe a tear trying to flow, or both at once.
97. chelydra wrote:
 Because one day I was in the office and I knew that as a teacher I had a right (though not a duty) to review my class's files... to learn their stories, their diagnoses, etc.
98. chelydra wrote:
 Out of curiosity I looked at her file. She was from another country (far away) and had been sold into sex slavery, kept drugged, and trafficked to the country where she was my student.
99. chelydra wrote:
 I had never looked at anyone's file before, and I never did it again after hers.
100. chelydra wrote:
 I don't remember if the file said how she has escaped from that life. I probably didn't read that far. I never shut people up when they wanted to speak openly about their experiences., among friends they had come to know over time. But no one is the clas
101. chelydra wrote:
  But if anyone showed on the first day wanting to talk about their diagnosis and ask about other's "mental illness" we'd quietly and nicely change the subject. The humiliation and dehumanizing was not happening in that classroom; that door was where it st
102. chelydra wrote:
 stopped. I felt like I'd violated that beautiful sweet girl student by reading her file and learning her story, which she was free to tell me whenever she wanted to, if she ever wanted to. And free not to. We were free in that room, as much as we could be
103. chelydra wrote:
  could be. I was learning from them as much as they were from me. I was learning nothing about craziness, but a great deal about sanity. And humility. And what the Bible calls Grace, which was abundantly evident in those students (aged 18 to 70s) and the
104. chelydra wrote:
 and the staff too. There were all different religious backgrounds but I don't recall religion doing much good or much harm except in one or two 'cases'. But it's hard to imagine a place having a better feeling to it... a sort of holiness on out best days.
105. chelydra wrote:
 It was really a church, I think, in the best possible sense of that word, although probably everyone who was there would laugh out loud at my saying that.
106. chelydra wrote:
 Judge not, lest ye be judged. Behold the lilies of the field... The kingdom of God is within you... The magic is in the simplicity, the openness...
107. chelydra wrote:
 I don't think you need to fret so much... Or condemn so much. People condemn themselves; they don't need our help. Uncondemning is often more to the point. Maybe it is the point.
108. chelydra wrote:
 "Summer will soon be over and life too. Make the most of it". Thank you for reminding me of her, the purest soul I ever knew. Inner peace and glowing eyes. Peace be with us...
109. chelydra wrote:
 Sorry about saying you fret and condemn, that wasn't really fair at all. It wasn't exactly what I meant to say either. Maybe just the poem's closing words... Be grateful for this life and enjoy with reverence.

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