Title: BANG!!
created on 20 May 18

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Comments on this picture (9):
1. lexa wrote:
 beautifully created bird :)
2. lexa wrote:
 hi - i tried to create the bird because it is just so - well beautiful. hope you don't mind :)
3. Normal wrote:
 Did somebody just shoot this beauty? Hope not!
4. Angelia wrote:
 Gorgeous! Love seeing your art!
5. artdillon wrote:
 thanks guys ,this is a poor version of the one I accidentally deleted.
6. hjjr wrote:
 beautiful and horrifying
7. Billa wrote:
 love it, so colourful! :D
8. Qsilv wrote:
 this child of the one you deleted still works perfectly. Such power in the ambiguity of beauty & pain... I can choose to see blood or berries, death or delight... both real, both possible...
9. AFSOUTH wrote: