Title: North Carolina for Lynnspotter (again)
created on 27 Jan 09

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1. grahame wrote:
 This must be the most drawn flag on TD! I just had to pay tribute to Lynnspotter for her Manx flag.
2. puzzler wrote:
 How did you do that?! I'm deleting mine right now! Fantastic! You are the master!
3. puzzler wrote:
 I've been looking closely at your lettering and I can't work out how you did it. Please explain. Did you start with the green and then place the yellow on top? Help!
4. lynnspotter wrote:
 Blush, blush! Please DON'T delete Puzzler! Grahame, I am in AWE!! Thank-you!
5. autumn wrote:
 this is just crazy good!!!
6. nancylee wrote:
 I hope you get an answer puzzler. I love when people teach us their arts. This is amazing!
7. grahame wrote:
 Hi puzzler, I would be devastated if anyone deleted their art just because I attempted the same theme, it isn't a competition - just a great community having fun. The lettering is quite simple and, as usual it's layers. I put down lots of yellow first an
8. grahame wrote:
 Hi Puzzler, I've just noticed there is a limit on the length of comments. I'll put something in the forum on the lettering.
9. marg wrote:
 good on you, grahame.. the flag is awesome and explanations are always good !
10. pollyesther wrote:
11. puzzler wrote:
 Thanks grahame! I'll follow your trail with great interest. Don't worry about me deleting, I wasn't happy with it anyway, because I couldn't show any lettering. I've deleted work in the past. It's part of my learning process.
12. Qsilv wrote:
 this is just _ridiculously_ good!
13. qwer wrote:
 Yes it is marvelously good!
14. matthew wrote:
 I Bow dow to greatness.
15. lyrielou wrote:
 This is the best flag I've ever saw. Even though I live in Ohio, not North Carolina.
16. bass1200 wrote:
 Your picture is really cool. It looks like a flag!!!!
17. tabgirl137 wrote:
 no duh it is a flag. anyway nice pic
18. lynnspotter wrote:
 Thank You for the B-day wish from the Isle!!! Loved to hear from ya!!!
19. lynnspotter wrote:
 I'll send you a Huge Birthday Wish on me state flag this year! Did you see that Rachel & Gideon had a baby? Hope all is well on the Isle!!

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