Title: Mama Kitty for my daughter
created on 26 Jan 09

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1. ross wrote:
!!!!!!That is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Luna wrote:
3. pookielol3 wrote:
 cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee anddddddddd awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee
4. puzzler wrote:
 Just as good as your original!
5. Luna wrote:
 Oh, you recognized it! Cool. It took longer the first time, in oils.
6. katpedro wrote:
 Thank u, I am Kathleen
7. Luna wrote:
 You're welcome Kathleen. My daughter is also Kathleen.
8. sheftali52 wrote:
 outstanding is hardly good enough to describe this!
9. pollyesther wrote:
 oh wow, this is AMAZING! it's so cute how you have her licking her paw
10. marg wrote:
 she's just beautiful !
11. DMarla wrote:
12. clarice317 wrote:
 a little backstory on this pic: it is based on the original oil painting my mom ("Luna") gave me for Christmas; Mama Kitty was with me for 19 years until she went on to her next adventure in Dec. 2007. The painting looks exactly like her.
13. matthew wrote:
 The cat has true deapth as does the background... The action of the cat is wonderful as well... You have outdone yourself...
14. matthew wrote:
15. NINA wrote:
 Exellent work
16. Luna wrote:
 Matthew, maybe we should ask for spell check? I have been wishing for it!
17. candr wrote:
 Not only is the cat great, but the setting is beautiful as well!
18. lizmeister wrote:
 I really love this pix!
19. nancylee wrote:
20. xasperated wrote:
 So many of the pics in this category just totally creep me out (I just looked at them ALL), but there are a few pleasant ones, and I feel this is the best of the bunch. VERY NICE!
21. hxxhxx wrote:
22. brandon wrote:
23. Baldur wrote:
 How did I miss this one? Mamma Kitty is amazing Luna
24. matthew wrote:
 I am soooo glad this received top 5 honors... Congrats on all 4 pics that received top 5... Well deserved.
25. LaDonna wrote:
 Congratulations #4 on the toop 5
26. Qsilv wrote:
 mmm... this one just feeeeels right. I love it!
27. faithfool wrote:
 She looks like she could just jump off the screen. Very, very lovely!
28. Babalu wrote:
 Such a beautiful kitty.
29. raydog wrote:
 this is really good
30. bagel wrote:
 your Mama Kitty is soo cute, I love cats!
31. GIGI101 wrote:
 Your pictures are so amazing!
32. Login wrote:
 The cat is excellent, but beyond the window is equally as superb.
33. himason15 wrote:
34. Mila wrote:
 yaaaaaaaaaaaaooooo I didnt see this pic earlier. I love cats, this is my favorite pic CONGRATS
35. HappyBear wrote:
 I LOVE CATS Becauze I have three cats 2 lizzards 2 dogs and I LOVE YOURE PIC!!!!!!!!!!
36. emilyruth wrote:
 holly molly!
37. beckyboo wrote:
38. PatGJ wrote:
 I can't believe I've missed your artwork ... all of it is awesome