Title: out with the old...
created on 31 Dec 15

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Comments on this picture (12):
1. Shanley wrote:
 to my shame, I had no idea what Hogmanay is. Happy Hogmanay and a great 2016! (it's already 2016 here btw :) ). Delightful drawing and the first i see this year!
2. Normal wrote:
 The new is looking very bouncy - hope I can keep up. Great to see you again!
3. AFSOUTH wrote:
 An outstanding idea & in with the New!
4. 56rosie wrote:
 Happy New Year!
5. artdillon wrote:
 thanks all and all the best for 2016.
6. chelydra wrote:
 Damn, no more faves available. I was ready to send this a fave-heart even before I noticed the figure. The confidence and audacity of your designs are astounding.
7. indigo wrote:
 It's wonderful to see your art again! Ditto chelydra! Happy New Year! :D
8. bluemoon wrote:
 Great movement! Happy New Year artdillon!
9. artdillon wrote:
 and to you bluemoon,indigo and chelydra all the best for 2016.
10. karbs wrote:
 Love your whole gallery! Happy New Year!
11. Roza58 wrote:
  A big step, excellent!.... than the other! Happy 2016!
12. woolseyki wrote: