Title: FAF: So Long & Thanks for All the Fish!
created on 21 Nov 14

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1. bugoy1 wrote:
 Anyone recognize the reference?
2. Lizzi wrote:
 I am a die-hard Douglas Adams fan. I was crushed when I learned that he had died. He should have continued writing for another 30 or 40 years! Excellent picture.
3. Baldur wrote:
4. Normal wrote:
 A real beauty!
5. Normal wrote:
 Well, sorry! It feels like I threw a wrench in the works. That's why folks should feel free to branch out from anywhere in the series, I think. Who knows???
6. katidid wrote:
 Great response! Cute dolphin!
7. bugoy1 wrote:
 It's only a wrench if there is a lack of imagination. We're good.
8. Normal wrote:
 (I didn't mean anything from whenever, but possible different branches off the same FAF pic. And the next guy could follow on either.)
9. Normal wrote:
 NO - only that two people may go different ways from the same one, then others follow both of those & so on.
10. bugoy1 wrote:
 I know what you are saying, Normal, but in practice it won't turn out that way. Someone will get skipped over and ignored that way. I don't want to see anyone's response overlooked.
11. bugoy1 wrote:
 The fact that you have to choose one path over the other means that one path will always be ignored. That is why I'm opposed to it.
12. bugoy1 wrote:
 ThinkDraw already feels like a ghost town at times. Showing preference for one splinter over another may cause hurt feelings and less participation. Besides, challenges keep us sharp.
13. World_Drawer wrote:
 Nice dolphin! =D Congratulations! :D
14. marg wrote:
 Excellent.. I'll just go back to being a mattress for a few years now..
15. clorophilla wrote:
 AHA! one of my fav novels!